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Let's help keep @jscott_handsdown and his family safe during this horrific flood. His Go Fund Me link is in his bio. Thoughts and prayers to everyone struggling out there in Texas. .
#hurricaneharvey #handsdown #texas #flood
Happy Fathers Day @idlechuck - taught me everything I know., which is why I still can't pitch a tent😂 Have a great day with your eldest and granddaughter. Love you!
I've been noticing that I have more than a few video parts that are not on YouTube. This #mapleskateboards #sevenstepstoheaven part was right after I moved to California. If anyone has a copy and can upload my part I'd be psyched. .
#1995 #iloveskateboarding #nbd #slb2
San Diego circa 2000. Surprised I never saw any other clips from this spot. #iloveskateboarding #mannys
Happy B Day @coorslightyear - go catch a wave while the young ones study this ultra proper nollie hardflip. .
#thankyouforskateboarding #ogskater
In the culinary world of Do's & Dont's, I'd put this firmly in the DON'T category -- over cooked chicken breast draped in lightly boiled chicken skin. Yes, that gelatinous looking shit is the should have seen my face when I made the realization. Easily the worst meal I ate in Mexico, but I'll certainly never forget it.
#worstmealever #whatdidijusteat #aoctravelsmexico #aoctravels