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Funi in the Fish-eye lens. スマホ用魚眼レンズでの初撮影はやっぱりふにー。

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Friday 22nd September
Mercado San Anton. I’m proud of you @akekure !! 😘
I’d like to enjoy beer or wine on the roof on my next visit to Madrid. So lovely place. 🍷
“I’ll never let you study... Forget about the exam and play with me.” by Tuna
Friday 22nd September.
Street scenes in Madrid.
Rainbow Madrid 🌈
Friday 22nd September.
Street scenes in Madrid. There are more slopes in Madrid than in Barcelona, and some slops reminded me “Spain-zaka(slop)” in Shibuya. :)
Today’s breakfast. I like to eat Shiso with soft cheese on a bread.
Friday 22nd September.
We looked a lot of marvelous artworks of great artists. Especially “Guernica”, just I WAS MOVED so much. I have seen many times this picture in books, tv programs or internet websitets before, but the REAL thing was definitely deferment. The amount of information by the air was staggering; smell, sound, temperature and atmosphere... You can feel the real greatness only when you are there. I think that’s why people go to exhibitions, live performance concerts and travels.
Thursday 21st September.
Toledo where is a beautiful ancient city in Spain. It's about an hour drive from Madrid. We walked around the city and visited the cathedral, the place where Mazapan (traditional sweets in Toledo) made by nuns were sold, a sinagog 🕍 an so on.
Wednesday 20th September.
Barcelona ➡️ Madrid by AVE!! 🚅
After about 3 hours trip, I was invited to a welcome dinner at my friends' cozy home. I can't forget the taste of this cheese cake which I tasted as a dessert. 💛
Street scenes in Grácia area and the Park Güell. Actually, I went to the Park Güell but I didn't enter the inside of the buildings due to congestion. I'll keep it for the next trip! 😙
A local market in Grácia area in Barcelona. Many small shops in the market has closed due to financial difficulties or luck of successors... This kind of problem is similar in Japan. Though it was little bit melancholy atmosphere, I really enjoyed the local market in Spain. Never-seen-before fruits, vegetables and fishes... It was like a museum for me!! 😁
I saw a looooot of "Sí" posters and flags in Catalonia. The result of the local referendum for self-determination which was held yesterday was over 90% "Sí" according to a newspaper! I'm just concerning about the armed conflict... Be peaceful, and love for everyone. 💕
Ryogoku Edo-Noren and Ryogoku station. A life-size sumo ring, the Sake tasting vending machines 🍶, the stairs with Sumo image and the past champions of Sumo tournaments.
Sagrada Familia!!! We climbed up the Nativity Facade and the view from there and the steps inside were nice. The most impressive thing was the shining light through the stained-glass windows. All colors are calculated perfectly and It was so beautiful and amazing.
Street scenes in Barcelona.
Somebody dropped this ticket on the road in Toledo, and it seems still available till tomorrow. The road was empty. Pity someone... Don't worry. No waste your ticket. I use for you! ... Lucky me. 😬💦