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One of my favourite poems in #lotr brought tears to my eyes
متطلبات التوظف حالياً. صج مرات مادري شسالفه ابوهم.
New reading material. #suntzu #theartofwar my collection keeps getting bigger.
Sometimes I really wonder why I play #cricket
Got cramped for space, and forgot the 2nd "a" had to throw it in somewhere. #sharpie #doodle
Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.
Camping on the #Coloradotrail with brothers. Guess which one is my tent? 😂
When clouds like these start rolling in you better find a spot and setup your tent. Because when it rains it pours.
View of the sunset from the campsite #colorado #sunset
Was a rough climb. But well worth it.

P.s ( I'm the guy in grey)