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Must have this polo. The force is strong with this one.

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Food for the soul. Fried chicken, Mac n Cheese, Canned Yams, and of course Cornbread.
As @joebudden would say... Pump Pump Pump it up! Damn Panamera's
80K car just to be trashed by a spoiled kid...
Tre welcomes with no licks... But will put his weight on your ass lol.
Superjail and COD WWII downloading... it's on!
That's how we're feelin these days, jackin headlights.
People say, work hard to play hard. I say work hard to eat hard. Sadly the 3x3 and animal style fries were destroyed before any evidence lol
CAN BUS was a Bust... Yo, you tellin me I gotta wrap all this shit back up? Hashtag your mom. Without the Hashtag.
Was invited last night to partake in watching GofT... I partook in being a fatty instead. Don't judge me lol.
Sandwich destroyed... Batters box failed attempt.