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  • ambotown 283w ago

    I miss him to cute!!! You look hott on this early Monday morning!!!

  • shornsby 283w ago

    He is getting so big Mary! Your an awesome Mom!

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I was worn out, hiding in my laundry room, sitting on a pile of dirty clothes, and this nugget came hunt me down. She needed my “wuv” aka hugs, kisses, and snuggles. #momlife
Baby Sis was looking absolutely gorgeous tonight on RA homecoming court. We loved being able to come see her represent and strut her stuff across the football field! We love you! #siblinglove #sheisabeauty #family #familyaffair #ourblendedfamilyrocks
He went from taking his last work call before his weekend started, to dying laughing watching YouTube! I absolutely love it when he laughs. He has me crushing on him! 😍🤣😘😂
I was rocking that blonde blonde 2 years ago! #timehop #throwback
I haven't listened to a song and instantly was feeling it, in a long time! But this song did it for me!
Watch our boy catch a pass and fade into the sunset for a touchdown! 😁
I love this man! He started listening to music on his phone and he was in shock at the unedited versions of certain songs. We did let him know he can change his settings so it plays clean radio versions. "I had just had my communion" #syrupsandwiches #syrupsandwhichesinthemorning #BodakYellow #imakemoneymoves #thissongishorrible #cardib #bloodyshoes
Me: Sloan sit right!
Sloan: Take my picture first #strikeapose
I definitely don't have kids that are afraid to get burned or should I say poked! #momlife #rebelwithoutacause #kidsarestupid #yeahisaidit #cactus
While most mothers post tributes of their children's academic brilliance, this is us! #sostubborn #missindependent #momlife She can spell her name though 🤷🏻‍♀️ lol 😂 #overachiever
When Sloanie bug was just a sweet little baby. Now she my fierce warrior princess! #timehop #threeyearsago
When you are a tomboy and become a mom this is the stuff you do 🦎#momlife I had to let it crawl on me and then the little guy wasn't scary to anyone #creatures
It's great to know my kids would eat me! Lol And if we were in Star Wars Alek would shoot me! #failingasaparent #carnivor #darkside #momlife
Lord help me! I'm going to have to search my child every day she leaves school now!
@maryaguillard she is #maxxinista like you!!! The child begs to go to #tjmaxx She surely doesn't get that from me. She gets it's from her Mawmaw.
I picked out this shirt to go with the leggings, socks, and shoes Sloan picked out. I asked her if she liked this shirt. She responded, "Yes mommy...You are finally learning my style!" 🤣 In a million years I never thought I'd buy tennis shoes like this, but she loses her mind if I put shoes on her for school that she can't put on herself. So she has to see if she can put them on before she will wear them to school. These past the test, so Velcro orthopedic looking shoes were purchased. Chris has thought I was looney for letting her wear some of the stuff she has been wearing lately, until he saw how confident and happy she is after she dresses herself. #missindependent P.S. This is not one of her "bad" outfit choices.
Lysia had the privilege to meet her cousin, Natasha Watley. She is a 2x Olympian. She is the first African-American female to play on the United States Softball team in the Olympics. She owns numerous records for the Bruins and is one of select NCAA players to bat at least .400 with 300 hits, 200 runs and 100 stolen bases. She is the career hits leader in the National Pro Fastpitch. Basically, she supersedes even being called a beast! I'm pretty excited Lysia was able to meet her! #googleher
Since I'm thinking about my nugget destroying my house I thought I'd share this pic from last week. This is what she fought me to wear to school. She needed the green shirt underneath the costume bc it is itchy. Even though it was hot as hell she also needed to wear knee high socks. #feelingherself #soconfident #takemypicture