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It’s nice to have my pupper back. Time to get her back in shape so her senior years are happy ones ❤️
When the recipe calls for one clove of garlic.
Two years with this dork ❤️ I love you my dear and I wouldn’t have our lives any other way 🖤
Hey guys!!! I felt inspired to jump back into the sewing game and made throw pillow cases! I have a couple designs and sizes currently, would you guys be interested? They would be $10 with free shipping! The bats, skulls, and super heroes fit a 16x16 pillow best but can fit an 18x18, it just won't be seamless (see 2nd photo). The leopard, Bambi, and flowers can fit a 16x16 OR 18x18 ☺️ Customs available and open for the holiday season!!!
Just a reminder I have Depop! Help me with moving expenses 🙌🏻 I'm going to posting some things for sale tomorrow on here too!
When Walmart comes through with all the babies 🌿 #succulents
*buys a red bull because no time for actual coffee* *ends up 30 minutes early to work*