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Also to here.. 😍 There's nothing that makes my heart as happy as exploring parts of this world I haven't seen or experienced before. Getting super restlesssssss. 💭🌏😃🌲
Bestie. Completely disinterested in a cute photo with me. Still love him more than everyone else.
📚✏️ Procrastinating looking at pictures from where I'd rather be 😒
And right back into it! The world is my playground 😁❄️
I have the flu and was told to stay in bed. No problemo 👌🏼🚐 #vanlife #bedwithaview
So, it's pretty uncommon for me to post about a product but I spent a week in the middle of a forest in Tennessee (humid, hot, disgusting) a few weeks ago and this guy was definitely the MVP. I know deodorants are kind of personal, but this is so freaking AMAZING I couldn't not share. It's also all natural (I know??!) and I'm pretty much the best smelling human ever to exist.
I love that my freckles sit like stars, and the veins below look like running rivers. A constant reminder that I am a part of something much larger, that we're all connected in so many ways. Society offers a wonderland of distractions, but I always end up drawn back to the basic elements that keep me grounded and sane. Mountain air, grass between my toes, swimming in rivers and under waterfalls, the ocean, snow, the smell of fire and the magical conversations and connections I always seem to share when disconnected from that world.
Warning: PDA.

Feeling sad about not having my squishy faced person by my side. You are the most valuable treasure I have ever found and I adore you a million times over. Thank you for loving me continuously, and always making my cheeks hurt just by being you. I love you.