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He literally gave an arm for our daughter! Hes already the best daddy, cay is so lucky to have him. We love you cody 💕 cant wait till your back with your family
The love we share is undescribable, the bond we have is unbreakable, you are the other half to my heart and i will forever love and cherish you.. youre my best friend 💗
You make me so happy, i love you to the moon & back forever 💕 cant wait till your back in my arms where you belong 💗💕👪💑
I love you with my whole heart 💗😘💕😍💪💑👪
3 weeks or less baby girl, you can come anytime now 💕
I am SO in love with you, forever & always 💗💗💕💪
Happy national Boyfriend's day, to my husband & soulmate! I couldnt imagine life without you ! I love you more than words can describe i thank god every day he finally brought me my soulmate 💕💕💕 i love you SO much handsome man @codyporterr
Late #mcm but i love you so much @codyporterr 💕💪 you are seriously the love of my life & im so goad god brought us together, and i finally found my soulmate & other half !
Mommy & daddy love you so much princess 💕 only 4 more weeks until you're due, i cant wait to kiss your little face and hold you tight.. the best blessing God has ever given me
My bestfriend & love of my life 💕 i cant wait to spend the rest of our lives together, forever & always 💕💕💗😘💑👪💪