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da_frozen 283w ago
When my cat tucks himself in😍

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One of the better moments of my week.
da_frozen 107w ago
@electricoso is the type of guy that volunteers to take 4 days off work and help you move 1,000 miles away by small car. The type of friend that says, "don't worry dude, we'll figure something out," when your housing situation falls apart after driving 15 hours. Then proceeds to thank you for bringing him along for the experience. THANK YOU FELIPE for being an awesome friend, pal, and brotato. ♌️🙌♒️
da_frozen 126w ago
How did I end up with such a caring, kind, beautiful, adjective, 🔥, silly, and sane girlfriend? Did I mention she's sane? Like... What a gem🙏🏻 thanks for tolerating me annoying you for my snapchat stories😘 I'm truly blessed. 2 1/2 years with this lady, she's a real one😎 #bae
da_frozen 133w ago
It's super awesome getting to take the photos for @franklyepic's painting series, "Suicide Girls Have Feelings Too." Can't wait to see these on a canvas! #60D #sglv #suicidegirls #medusasuicide #suicidegirlshavefeelingstoo
da_frozen 137w ago
I met this girl this weekend in Utah with UNLV, bruh lemme tell you she was a hot mess. Sleeping in the middle of Urban Renewal in Downtown St. George. She was impressed at what #unlvolunteers and I did for #habitatforhumanity over the weekend. Figures... She's not doing anything with her life. Dem legs doe. #unlvservice #unlvaltbreaks2015
da_frozen 165w ago
No professor, really. My cat really ate my homework.
da_frozen 169w ago
Ayeee 🙌 haha. How many of my followers are Leo's? #LeoSeason 🔥