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__azr_ 5d ago
And this day forward I keep my head held high cause he has blessed me with another chance !! 🙏
__azr_ 1w ago
Because its #MCM and he loves me well when I'm not getting after him lol
__azr_ 1w ago
In all of my 26yrs never thought this year would be so testing for me!! I may not be the best person in the world but one thing for sure is I keep a smile on my face and I have heart that others can't dare compare too Thank you all for the Bday wishes 💋
__azr_ 2w ago
#NappyHeadedHoe with a heart full of forgiveness !! 💚
__azr_ 4w ago
Baby girl I don't wanna lose you
I'ma have to put you on voodoo
You makin' me freestyle
You makin' my cheeks smile
Girl you know that I'm G Code, but you bringing my sweet out
__azr_ 5w ago
And its hella real right now !!
__azr_ 5w ago
Got me looking forward to weekends with youuu baby!! #WCW #BESTIE 💙💜
__azr_ 7w ago
💙 Because you mean more to me than you will ever know even when your mean!! Happy Birthday Bubbie 💙
__azr_ 9w ago
I just wanna be your favorite!!
__azr_ 10w ago
When someone tries to #ClapBack only to expose themselves on how they really feel bout someone so innocent !!
__azr_ 11w ago
Because we will always be here for you when your fuck ass dad chooses not too be!! 💖 #NowGoAndTellThat