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Had the privilege of jamming out with @mouth_full_of_jay from #jasonkaneandthejive. Super fun jam sesh, this guy is a true artist. Go listen to him and his band on iMusic or Spotify. @yoooeric @jonnybravo_22
Some light work with @yoooeric tonight 🤘🏽 gotta step it up while @jonnybravo_22 is gone. Big things coming
The product of 3 really good friends coming together and making music. Me on rhythm, my cousin @jonnybravo_22 on drums and our good friend @yoooeric on lead. I'm really excited for this and there will be more to come from us. We appreciate feedback 🎼#jammin
Dad is doing great. Sitting up watching the news, most likely will be able to go home tomorrow 👍🏽
Dahee getting ready to get his prostate removed.. Praying for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. 🙏🏼
Jamming tonight with my boy @jonnybravo_22 got the intro to "Welcome Home" down 🤘🏽🎼 #needabiggeramp
Happy Fathers Day to the ole man himself...My dad found out he has prostate cancer last month. They caught it early so right now it's looking like it hasn't spread anywhere else. He will get the results on July 5th to see if it has spread. If it hasn't then he will get surgery to remove his prostate. Keeping him in my prayers and hoping that the cancer hasn't spread. Love you dad ❤️
Today marks a year since I got my 328i. Not anywhere near where I wanna be as far as building it but I'll get there 👌🏽 Thank god for all his blessings 🙏🏼
Jamming with the cousin @jonnybravo_22 🎸🥁 #lightwork S/O to @yoooeric for getting me into guitar again after about 9 years. More jams and originals coming soon 👍🏽
My Grandmas Mother's Day dinner, hand painted some flower pots with @ninileighh ❤️