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  Posted: May 13, 2012 9:55 PM FEED
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  • 3l15e 4y ago

    Happy Mother's Day, y'all! Love ya Momma ❤💙🇺🇸

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3l15e 3M ago
Bury me on Toulouse ✨⚜️🎭
3l15e 4M ago
Besties take selfies...or video each other when one of them is doing something embarrassing 😊✨
3l15e 7M ago
I would like to move to Colorado now please.
3l15e 7M ago
The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles.
3l15e 7M ago
Thank you for the privilege of being your Maid of Honor. I'm so thankful to have a friend like you. ♡ Congratulations to Abbey & David! Thank you for the wonderful party last night & for bringing all of my favorite people together to celebrate 🍾 I love you both! Now, go have fun in paradise 😘
3l15e 9M ago
Celebrating our bachelorette in Music City, USA. We tried so many times to make this cute.
3l15e 11M ago
Even though both our teams lost 👍🏻👆🏻 🙃 I had fun
3l15e 1y ago
6-0 and got to see all my best baes this weekend ❤️
3l15e 1y ago
Look at this picture I took of my dog. Happy National Dog Day.
3l15e 1y ago
Her name was Helen and she was really nice ☄and also 200 lbs
3l15e 1y ago
Happy Father's Day from your favorite child on an app that you don't have!!!!!!!