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Autumn has arrived in my office, even if it's not outside yet. (high today 78) I'll show you pictures of me standing in fallen leaves in December. 😛#weeklyofficeflowers
I'm on the hot seat as the trauma grand rounds presenter today. #letslearn #trauma
I'm not sure what a salad cosmo is, but I'll have some bean sprouts!
Inside the Coliseum. "Mortituri te salutem!"
Fresco inside a middle class home in ancient Pompeii. The detail is phenomenal; the city must've been so beautiful. #myfirsteuropeantrip #nicholeinitaly
At the site of the terrorist attacks in Barcelona. Sobering reminder of what true hate can destroy. #barcelonastrong #lovebcn
First glass of wine in Europe. Not spectacular, but super special, nonetheless. My old soul belongs here. #myfirsteuropeantrip #nicholeinbarcelona
Rose and a Ceasar (with tequila instead of vodka) we had to pass the 4 hour layover in Toronto. #myfirsteuropeantrip #cocktails #wine
Starting dinner prep before I have to go back to work for a spell. #aewellnesstribe @bewellbykelly
Today's #fabfour smoothie -- snicker doodle, complete with cinnamon and freshly ground nutmeg to garnish. Yum. @bewellbykelly #aewellnesstribe
I couldn't take a picture of the actual eclipse, so I took a photo of what I used to see it. Bitchin! 72% coverage here. #solareclipse2017
Just back (and all clean!) from a four day camping trip. Loved being unplugged. Being in the wild is good fory soul. #wilderness #kingscanyonnationalpark #findyourwild
My Sunday afternoon project: assemble bookcases (on right, done), organize and alphabetize books (in left, done), put books into bookcases. I have bookcases for the first time in over 10 years!! #read # keeplearning
I struggle most with lunches on this whole #fabfour thing, but I may bet getting the hang of it. Salmon patty (protein and good fat), mashed yams, beanitos (fiber). @bewellbykelly #aewellnesstribe #healthyeating #cleaneating
Look at our #fabfour pizza! Almond crust, almond mozzarella cheese, homemade organic tomato sauce, organic Italian sausage, and veggies. Yum! @bewellbykelly #aewellnesstribe
Another week of #projectlife... Done! Process video on the channel if ya like (link in profile). I tried to add more photos, but they were all sideways and I couldn't rotate them. Stupid phone.
Week 25 is up on the channel (link in profile). This is the week we went to Boston to see @davidortiz 's number retired. We miss you, Papi! Swipe for more photos.