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Of all the places to buy hoop earrings, Cracker Barrel was not at the top of my list 😂 Justin said "What will Regina say? Aren't hoops her thing?" 😂😂😂 omg I died laughing
From my bday party Friday 💖💖💖
Me and that cutie Jenelle 💖💖💖 thanks for my bday lunch on Thursday 😁
When your Aunt's name is mentioned on Duck Tales 😂
1st free Dutch bros of the day 😁😁😁 good old 34! 💖
Did the AIDS Walk on Sat with the seester and hella burned but met some cute mini horses and had fun :D
I told him to smoosh it in her face...he never listens to his big sister 😂 #theeisenhauerwedding 8.26.2017
My handsome date is being a goober, my aunt is photo bombing us but who cares I look fabulous 😂 #theeisenhauerwedding 8/26/17
The bride and groom with his golf/bar family 😂 #theeisenhauerwedding 8/26/17
All the cousins (minus the 3 CA ones) and Grandma #theeisenhauerwedding 8/26/17