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jjjla 283w ago
You'll never guess where we are!

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jjjla 2w ago
Sometimes you just get to have the birthday of your damn dreams. I teared up getting out of her pink Corvette as she hugged me and said "Goodbye my little mermaid!" (Thank you from the bottom of my heart to @kikicreativexo for giving me the best birthday gift imaginable.) 😭✨💕💗🌸💕💘👛🎀👄💕🎀🌸👛👄🌸🎀💗💞💘✨😭
jjjla 3w ago
So proud to still get to call these beauty babes my friends after all these years and so totally in awe of the people they've become in this world. ❤️✨ #lghs
jjjla 7w ago
I would 💚to have YOU come out and improvise with us TOMORROW NIGHT at our show "Fly With The Dragons"!! 8:30pm at @ucbsunset ! ✨🐲Free to students! Link for tix in my bio! 🐲✨
jjjla 9w ago
My sweet bud @krissywalrus got hitched!! She was the prettiest dang bride you ever did see and I sure love her a lot. 💕💍👰🏻#koWALLick
jjjla 9w ago
I downloaded a reposting app purely bc I felt everyone's Friday might need this! 🐷✨
#Repost @officialseanpenn ・・・
Ladies please feel free to go ahead and 👏🏻SMASH👏🏻THAT👏🏻MF👏🏻LIKE if this is cliterally going to be u throwing it down at the club tonight
jjjla 10w ago
#tbt - Some unsolicited advice? Commit early to your personal brand 🌺🌴🌈☀️🍍🗿
jjjla 12w ago
My sister screenshotted my 9-yr-old niece's google search and I'm dead forever. ☠️
jjjla 12w ago
Finally, the role I was born to play! TODAY watch me and my beloved @wongcomedy host a neon-colored '80s workout video on Facebook Live inspired by Netflix's GLOW at 2pm! LIVE!!!! 😬😳On Buzzfeed's FB page! 💪🏻✨👟 #glownetflix
jjjla 14w ago
HOO boy!! This is tomorrow! Come see a truly very funny show about sisters, murder and road trips - written by @megjoh directed by @dlippert with me, @meat.treat @taliatabin @elewoods55 @wakeupwithjacob !!! I mean WHAT a lineup! It's a damn blast AND we're paired with the incredible @murphyplease !! 5:30pm at @ucbsunset - link for tix in bio! 💕🌺💕🌺💕🌺💕🌺💕🌺💕🌺🌺
jjjla 14w ago
I encourage everyone to be themselves in this life. 🌺🍍🍹🌴🐬🌈🌸🌊
jjjla 14w ago
This is in a few hours and I couldn't be more excited!! Come watch me and @instantdeborah freak out over one of our favorite movies ever, Grease 2!!!! And @ferniecommaalex will be there to make sure we don't go full crazy and ride off into the sunset on a couple of 🏍🏍! 8:30pm tonight at UCB Sunset!! ✨😎🎥
jjjla 15w ago
It's DICKIE'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!! 🎉🍾Holy hell I am truly the luckiest lady to get to have a nonstop blast on and off stage with this gorgeous, hilarious lil' cool elf. Life is wildly better and incalculably more ✨FUN✨ because of her. I adore her to the ends of the 🌎. Happy birthday to this full queen 👸🏼!!! 💖🍾💖🍾💖🍾💖🍾💖🍾💖🍾💖
jjjla 17w ago
Look at this dapper dad, my god! These photos make me cry every time I look at them bc of how much love was shooting out of my heart for my sweet pops on my wedding day. He is an incredible man with a storied career, a PhD in chemistry, a very cool Glaswegian accent, and a family who absolutely adores him. I am so lucky and am forever in awe of this amazing person who has made my life nothing short of wonderful. Happy Father's Day to one great Scot ❤️🇬🇧
jjjla 18w ago
@betsysodaro makes everyone's life infinitely better and I feel bananas lucky to get to be her friend. TODAY is her BIRTHDAY 🎉and last night I got to see her be the funniest person alive at a taping her upcoming tv show and OOF, it all made my heart explode! 💗 She is the absolute best. Happy birthday B!!!!! ❤️🐘🎂🎈
jjjla 20w ago
I simply love a nice, relaxing drive with the wind gently blowing my hair. ☀️🌵🚙👩🏼🌬
jjjla 20w ago
For the last few months I've had the insane joy of recording a weekly podcast with these two true queens that's entirely devoted to our shared favorite topic, The Kardashians! I look forward to seeing their cute faces every week and they make me laugh so, so much. Also, we drink wine a lot of the time and that's very fun. 🍷✨ If you wanna listen to @kardishinit , the link is in my bio! New eps every Wednesday... And yes, this was a plug!!! 🔌⚡️😈🎙
jjjla 22w ago
✨Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, including my second mom, the Queen Momager herself, KRIS!! ✨🙌🏻✨
jjjla 24w ago
My dad bought this for me to put on my desk at work and I just find that very cute is all. ❤️🐝👑