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crbarb 24w ago
The bluest flower I have ever seen, yes I took the picture and no I didn't edit edit it
crbarb 36w ago
How bout them baby blue eyes? I love my baby boy Luke
crbarb 61w ago
This is what it's all about my friends #sleepingbaby #baby
crbarb 70w ago
Introducing the newest @stitchedupheart fan Luke Alexander
crbarb 77w ago
Here we go, #baseball life, if only we would have gotten 2,4,7 would have it been more fitting! #baseballlife
crbarb 147w ago
A design I made for @stitchedupheart I hope y'all like it. Check them out while you're at it. #stitchedupheart #indiemusic #metal #grave #SkeltonKey #Mixi
crbarb 160w ago
So not ready for this, my baby's first homecoming dance
crbarb 164w ago
The one and only @mixiofficial of @stitchedupheart so sweet and awesome. It was a pleasure to meet and hang with you and the rest of the band. So glad y'all came thank you.
crbarb 166w ago
@stitchedupheart invading Lafayette, LA August 22nd you really don't want to miss this tour.
crbarb 166w ago
@demarini I want to be swinging the #CF7 for the 2015, there is absolutely no better bat on the market.
crbarb 167w ago
Vote Stitched Up Heart for vans warped tour 2015 @stitchedupheart