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  • shay_bee 283w ago

    She is so beautiful <3

  • Omg iza how beautiful is this!?!?!!!!!! How come I'm just seeing this now! I need to get me a Eubanks! :) lol jk but no ur whole fam is beautiful and I all starts here!! Luv u all!

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My heart is broken.. so much bad today. RIP...#tompetty
I'm far away, and worried like a mother would her children.. I'm trying to put good vibes out but can't help but check the news constantly.. if their is any way I could help anyone even from this far please asks.. thinking of my home and hope everyone is safe in the coming week! Andrew was a 5... Wilma was a 3! 💙
Happy birthday, wish I could be in NY with you now. I can't believe how fast this shit has gone by, 15 years since we met.. crazy to think about it. Here's to you and all of it.. tweedle, bumb savers, fuze(stays up),Mallory fires, yellow cabs, hurricanes and too much water, bad decisions and amazing ones, code red and ... trouble , the skate park, rolling rock, your family, roommates, school busses and way to many meanings, your/my cellphone, the weird shit I've asked of you, cupcakes, Margaritaville, distance, the fair, bank piercings, saving me from lollipop girl, VW bugs, Saturns, killing batteries, horrible nicknames and so much more.. to many many more years, hopefully with way less distance preferably, a hop skip and a jump.. Happy Birthday thank you for you! I hope it's amazing!! Xoxo at least I remembered this one. @sunnyjamze
Fog over the bay, mountains over the city, views from the top.. ❤️
Ima spell my name one more time check it. With @lzlsin
Missin me one of my favorite people, and Phil and friends Capital Theater.. ❤️💙⚡️#bff4l
Down, never falling down,down,down. Ever falling down.