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Behold, my most enjoyed tunes from September! Sadly also including a beautiful departing song from Wild Beasts, which sits well between powerful new tracks from Andrew Hung, ABRA and Zola Jesus, amongst others. The full top 25 is available through the link in my bio!
Alvvays - Plimsoll Punks
Alice Glass - Forgiveness
The Horrors - Weighed Down
Andrew Hung - Animal
Protomartyr - My Children
Wild Beasts - Punk Drunk & Trembling
Frankie Rose - Dyson Sphere
Zola Jesus - Remains
#ninefavorites #indiemusic #altmusic #monthlyfavorites #music #newmusic #warschau9
Super stoked with this new shirt from @philipnormal... Now I can take Georgie boy wherever I go!
The soundtrack to a party gone wrong, that's my fav 9 list of August. Sooo excited for the new Fischerspooner, Horrors and TR/ST albums to come out, judging their latest promos. And as always, also new talent to gobble up, like Baby Dayliner and Stone Irr. Have a listen and check out the rest of the list through the link in my bio!
Fischerspooner - Have Fun Tonight
OIJ - Breathe
The Horrors - Something To Remember Me By
TR/ST - Bicep
Algiers - Death March
Stone Irr - What I Do Best
Baby Dayliner - All Parties Are Over
Wyldest - -45
Grizzly Bear - Neighbors
#ninefavorites #indiemusic #altmusic #monthlyfavorites #music #newmusic #warschau9
The beach, this morning, 6AM. It's safe to say this is my favorite drug, and I'm an addict. Oh, and notice #venus in the top right corner. #nofilter #noreally
The beach is my buddy... Arrived at Vlieland!
Last bit of pictures from Italy... Chillin' by the campfire under bright starry skies #xe1 #fujixe1 #alpacapride #piemonte #italy
When this is your view on a camp site, it's time to switch off your phone. Not that there is any connection anyway... #offline #entracque #sottoilfaggio #alpacapride #seeyoulater
While sweating it out in the Italian countryside, I still managed to sort my favorite tunes of July. A glorious return for acts like Protomartyr and Autoheart, powerful first impressions with the likes of Sivu and Flyte. The full top 25 is accessible through the link in my bio... Enjoy! .
Protomartyr - A Private Understanding
Sivu - Sweet Sweet Silent
Autoheart - Tucson
Lo Noom - Pretty Woman
Tricky - When We Die
Flyte - Cathy Come Home
Public Service Broadcasting - People Will Always Need Coal
Wolf Alice - Don't Delete The Kisses
Klyne - Your Touch
#ninefavorites #indiemusic #altmusic #monthlyfavorites #music #newmusic #warschau9