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  Posted: May 13, 2012 1:54 PM FEED
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Happy birthday @brittenyleigh! Happy I've gotten to celebrate your last 15 birthdays with you! But I've gotta say the ones with Harvey have been the best 🎂 love ya like a sister 💞
It's bridal fashion week in NYC so thinking about the fun times when I went for #chavianocouture and got to meet @marthastewart and @randyfenoli 😍good times and memories with so many in the wedding industry. #bridalmarket #bridalfashion
So excited to have @framebridge, one of my favorite companies share our farm @azurefarm on their account. Check out their insta stories to see and also check out my blog on Pearl's story ( link in profile)
Thanks to all who messaged, texted, called and left awesome birthday songs and everything in between today. I am grateful for all of you. #birthdaygirl 🎉
So fun to see @chef.jennifer and vote for the best vegan mac and cheese in Atlanta at the #atlveganmacdown ! We love you @chef.jennifer
Happy birthday @famousamos33! This year was extra special with your wedding! So honored to have witnessed it! Love you and I hope @ztolli is spoiling you 💕🎂
Precious nephew today! Look at his curls! He loves trucks, eating, and is great at rolling his r's. Hoping that helps with his Spanish learning 😊🚛 #nephew
11 years, 2 Cats, 5 Alpacas, & 17 chickens later, you're still my favorite. Happy Anniversary @jaredthurmon 🙌💕 cheers to eternity more. #azurefarmlife
Happy birthday Mami!! Happy to celebrate you today and have you close by! Thank you for loving me 💞#birthay
Posted: Aug 23, 2017 2:03 PM
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Loved seeing the Bianca gown featured on @magnoliarouge last week! Beautiful photography by @thehappybloom. I love film photography and this location in Charleston is perfect. Swipe to see pics! Thank you for including #chavianocouture
Film lab @indiefilmlab
Venue @middletonplace
Stylist @tristanneedhamdesign
Hair & makeup @royalmakeupandhair
Stationary @mmcbridecalligraphy
Florals @urbanpoppyshop
Ring box @the_mrs_box
Jewelry @trumpetandhorn
Ribbon @tonoandco
#chavianocouture #weddingdress #charleston
Posted: Aug 18, 2017 12:42 PM
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Sunrise at 0645 and look who is up! Baby girl (far right) with her "sister" Alpakita (who is 4 months old) and mom QE. Still fed her every 3 hours through the night but she seems happy and ok so far. The first 72 hours are most crucial especially being a premie but God is blessing. The vet comes this morning again to check on her and mama so praying all looks good. Happy Friday! #azurefarmlife
I will post the rest of my updates on her on our farm/home account @azurefarm. Follow there for updates 🐓💞
Update!! Got up every 3 hours last night to feed the baby. She has maintained her weight (almost 8lbs) and body temperature which is a blessing. QE's milk is coming in and baby has tried! She has not quite figured it out but hopefully soon they can. Still bottle feeding to supplement. Praying and grateful,so far so good. So grateful for my friend @akrn17 who just showed up this morning to help me! 🐓more on @azurefarm
What a day! I have learned more about God and His love for us today than I have in a long time. I had so many plans for when this little alpaca would be born and she came a whole month early. This little baby girl is a fighter. She is trying to learn her way around and is the cutest thing ever! I am SO worried about her tonight. Mom and her are having a hard time bonding, I'm afraid she'll be cold, what if the other alpacas hurt her, then I realized I am trying to do it all myself and I am not trusting in His protection and power. I am so humbled. God made this beautiful little creature and He will care for it. Baby girl is in His care, as are we when we put our trust in Him. Good night friends and say a little prayer for this baby tonight #godisgood
Sorry in advance cause I'll probably spam with pics😁

7.5 lbs, she is a premie. Born about a month early. Gave her milk from a bottle now waiting to see if her and mama can bond. Mom had a bit of a rough time and is running a fever. She's gotten antibiotics so praying all that can kick in and they can be ok. Being a premie puts her at a disadvantage but praying I can supplement feed her and hopefully get her where she needs to be. God is good. #alpaca #cria #azurefarmlife more on @azurefarm
The miracle of life and how God made animals is seriously amazing. Came out this morning to see baby girl had been born. She had just come out and I cleared her membranes from her nose and mouth and dried her off. Vet has come over and things seems ok. Please pray that mom and baby Continue to be healthy. This is a whole new experience for me. What a miracle. #alpaca #miracle
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How cute is our nephew?!!!! His parents are doing such a great job! He's so sweet and happy all the time. I also kind of like the guy holding him 😆#husband #nephew #justdoit #nike #mcm
"I love it when I am sprayed down with water on a hot summer day, it also gives me a great hairstyle"- Felicity #alpacafarm #apaca #azurefarmlife @azurefarm #summer