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#mothersday breakfast, courtesy of #mykids : extra crispy bacon, nutrigrain bar and coffee

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Swipe >> It’s World Spine Day - who knew? Love this girl and her crooked little spine #CongenitalScoliosis #MyHeartIsForIndiaPart2
We dropped off a Sheepadoodle for her first grooming and picked up a Dalmatian. Oh the spots she has - and we can see her eyes! 😂 #AvaTheSheepadoodle
Even though it was a steamy 95° outside, we had a fun day at the pumpkin patch #RyanAndSofie
Pumpkin patch field trip tomorrow. Sofie’s first field trip!! 🎃 🐑🐷👨🏽‍🌾👩🏽‍🌾
Sofie uses her teeth a lot when her right hand won’t do the trick. Yesterday her wiggly tooth became super loose while tugging on a blanket and she said, Mama, I don’t want the tooth fairy to come. Not sure where that came from because I’ve never mentioned the tooth fairy before. Her black eyes became huge and her little worried voice said, I cannot eat if all my teeth fall out...I told her I would write the TF a letter and say, please don’t come to my house. Love, Sofie Chalker. She yelled,
No, don’t tell her my name!! 😂So we came up with another solution. “Janey” says, don’t come to her house. 🤚🏽❌ #StayAwayToothFairy #SouthIndianSweetie
•Hurricane Nate boredom •
Wherever you are, that's where I wanna be
All it took was a ring in that soft sunset
Big blue eyes welled up and said, "This is home"
In the 'fridgerator light never looked so good
Holding you tight kissing all I could sayin', "I am home"
And that's where I wanna be
Yea, wherever you're with me
#ThisIsHome #BryanLanning
Sweet girl’s Halloween dress made by grandma. Just when I think she couldn’t get more beautiful, she does! #MyHeartIsForIndiaPart2
Sofie - mama, ryan fro his cup in da back
Me - (thinking, he had 1/4 cup of Powerade and ice in that cup 27 seconds ago..) Ryan, why did you toss your cup behind your seat, into the back row of seats?
Ryan - cause I gotta worship Jesus. 😳🙌🏽 #FutureWorshipLeader
Mama, somebody at school said, why you have just 2 fingers? And I say Because. ✌🏽 Haha, best comeback. 😂 #TenFingersAreOverrated #LuckyFin
September 21, 2015 we were matched with this sweet girl who was barely 5 years old. I saw the sago palm in this photo and KNEW she was in Tamil Nadu. We had prayed our daughter would be from the same state as Ryan. Unbeknownst to us at the time, they had a greater connection -- both of their birth families are from the same exact city in south India. In a country with a population of 1.3 billion and 20 million orphans, God did that! #InAwe #IndiaAdoption #MyHeartIsForIndiaPart2 #SouthIndianSweetie