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It breaks my heart that this is the way my son has to meet my dad.. Daddy, I wish you could have met this sweet little boy. He would love you so much and I know you'd love him. And I wish Melody had more time with you but she knows who you are and she will help me tell Dominic about you. You're still Grandpa Jim. Always. I just wish there was so much more time... I miss you. ❤
#RelayForLife #RelayForLifeTulare #imissyou #iloveyou #grandpaAndGrandson #DominicNathanielJames
Melody's birthday princess crown and balloons she got from school since her birthday was over the weekend. She also had her first field trip today too! #MelodyElizabeth #birthdaygirl #birthdayprincess #mommysgirl #4yearsold
Tomorrow is the end of the 1989 era. It will always be one I will never forget. This was the day I was invited into her house to listen to this album with my best friend and other Swifties who we have kept in contact with ever since. We made so many new friends and memories that we will never forget. We laughed and cried and we were all so happy. Dreams came true this day. It's been 3 years and I will miss 1989 but I'm looking forward so much for this new era. Reputation, I am ready for you! #Reputation #TS6 #1989 #1989secretsessions
Running in the grass makes him happy. Love my little man. #DominicNathanielJames #happy
Dominic wanted in this time and Melody is already tired of me taking pictures. This was after school that's why her hair is messy I don't send her to school with messy hair lol
#Day3 #preschool #MelodyElizabeth
Melody's mini vacation before school starts next week. She loves the beach just like her mommy ♡
#happiness #toddler #MelodyElizabeth
#Fearless walking over a bridge that moves and he was having fun running back and forth. #arroyogrande #baby