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내 석사 학위 #2 시작했어! 난 진짜 바보야...
Post-shower quiff makes me look like an '80s bad guy. It might actually be the same hairstyle as the dick head bf from 'Stranger Things.'
Autumn's arrival has allowed Mikey to bust out the leathers. Just look at how happy he is.
This is how single waegookin academics spend their pre-chuseok. Still, at least I get to hit Ashley's Buffet later with the other orphans.
Reasons why I love autumn #1: lap time.
Drinking convenience store beers and feeding strays is how I spend my Sundays.
The ajummas in the back are having a full-on debate with the ticket guy, and all Mikey wants to do is get home and climb into bed.
Actually found a well-fitting shirt in a Korean store that fits my style. I'm pretty sure that heralds the end of days.
Post-gym make-out session with BAE.