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  Posted: May 13, 2012 2:56 AM FEED
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because i can't with mondays, so here's a slobbery (and adorable and friendly and the best in everything) doggo. does that make me feel better? yes it does. of course it does. (difotoin sama @sabrinafarizky)
#malamgembira made me so ridiculously giddy, maybe i am living in the wrong decade. (also, going to bed with RIOOO DE JANEIROOOOOO stuck in my head) 💕✨💃🏻
Posted: Jul 16, 2017 4:44 PM
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"i'm making the best out of this little green bucket i'm in!" [see also: no longer tolerating jerks] [ponyo is all the world's wisdom]
the nooks, crannies, and little alleys of Prawirotaman (&sekitarnya), in one glorious morning walk.
Posted: Jun 22, 2017 10:45 AM
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"Linggar Lunch", found object, c.2014. i mean, apologies to @ffonzandsons, but granny's nasi goreng cabe rawit still remains the classic lunchtime treat.
. #ForeverMasHar
major props to this crop of young artists exhibiting at the latest installation of @dialogue_arts exi(s)t program. i would say it's like Top Chef All Stars, but without top chefs. the artists present their responses to the ominous theme of #tomorrowasweknowit, through performance, visual, sculptural, and spatial experiences. some i could instantly relate to, some made me ask questions. go there, and ask some yourself.
today is best described in the wise words of one mr. ocean, "i see both sides like chanel."
#sonyboy, in midcentury cartoon illustration style.
it is such a mysterious place, the land of tears. .
(the little prince, antoine de saint-exupéry)
one of those magical pockets in seoul, where a friendly ahjumma sells glossy idol calendars on the street. aigoo fantastic baby!
"kujiratori", currently screening at the ghibli museum, mitaka. a picture about a bellowing imaginary whale. so much heart in such simple strokes. cue happy tears! #🐋
= MIND. BLOWWWN. "design anatomy", the current exhibition at 21_21 design sight, explores every detail and thought process that goes into the making of everyday consumer products. and you thought these japanese people can't get any more anal!
traipsing in the park wawawewewowow!