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  Posted: May 13, 2012 1:39 AM FEED
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Posted: Oct 1, 2017 3:04 AM
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Where did my recess week go
Posted: Sep 27, 2017 4:30 AM
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Why am I asked to find out about problems people living in rental flats are facing & using these information for research purposes? If you want us to do a project on social change, you should at least make us see through an end to the project: aka making a change, however small it may be.
It just doesn't make sense to make me ask people about their problems, and then say bye to them with nothing done. That is not communication for social change, that is just communication. Even if it meant holding a small photo exhibition in school and raising some funds & awareness, it would mean so much more than just asking someone what problems are you facing right now.
Posted: Sep 25, 2017 3:30 PM
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I heard that Instagram is planning to change to 4 columns - please don't 😩
Posted: Sep 7, 2017 12:29 PM
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1/3 photos I took during my internship with Youth.SG
Year four semester one week zero
✌🏻礼拜 就 bye-bye
Taken on the very evening when I was sitting outside waiting for a Friend who was getting scolded & was crying.
Maybe it's gonna be my turn to cry soon
Please open up & read!
So as most of y'all know, I've been working on my book assignment titled "goodbye Dakota Crescent". If you still have zero idea about this estate, do have a look at it, as I have compiled information and interviews done by media outlets & Organisations together. *Link in Bio*
As a (ex-) History student, I find joy in listening to others' stories, and feel that they tell us more about History than any textbook can do. I also find an interest in all things old, but I find it a struggle to learn about Singapores history because there's hardly anything physical we can hold on to, and Everyday something old is being removed to replace the new. So I really wanted to compile the information about Dakota Crescent because despite seeing an increased interest in old things among youths today, they seem to be just going for the "Instagram worthy" shot, rather than really reading the stories behind it.
I just wanted to tell people that these stories are extremely valuable, and they should be documented, because they tell us so much more about the average Singaporeans life. When I studied history, I always wondered "how did Singaporeans used to live in the past? " but honestly not so much about how the British fail to protect Singapore (of course that's still impt but....) ---
Thankful to have taken 4229 where I made a book about Dakota Crescent, and also attempted to preserve some of our Kopitiam culture -
While doing the project, I realised that most Kopitiams today no longer have the aunties and uncles shouting Kopitiam drink lingos (and I Guess that's one of the reason why I don't really know these Kopitiam lingos as a millennial) so I decided to recreate the Kopitiam experience by attaching a speaker that plays Kopitiam ambience sounds at the bottom of an iconic Kopitiam glass
Yknow who knows maybe in 10 years time, nobody will shout these orders anymore. & maybe that's how I have done my part in preserving a part of our history 🙌🏻
Okay sorry Super passionate history student here who is no longer studying history and missing my history classes so yeah 😢😢
Posted: Mar 12, 2017 2:20 PM
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You never see B&W on my feed. So read on. Follow @random_blends
One of the social issues that I care about is the LGBT community. It may take the government years to make changes to policies, but right now, today, we have the power to correct the mindset of another individual. Sex is biologically determined, you can't change that (unless you go for the sexual reassignment surgery). But gender is fluid. Everyday, many individuals feel like they are born in the wrong body just because they have certain body parts that don't coincide with what they feel like being. It's not their choice that they feel this way. We may never understand why, we may never understand what they feel, but the only thing we can do is to listen to their stories & stop assuming that we know them & stop criticising them for being wrong.
@random_blends is a digital arts exhibition showcasing works from comms & new media department. It'll be held from 24-26 mar at ArtScience Museum so pls come and support us!!!!! They are having an Instagram contest right now so check out #VOICESintercept to find out more. Stand a chance to win $50 worth of prizes!! .
PS: this photo is from my photojournal 🚹🚺 to read more, click on link in bio 🙌🏻
& the end 🤗🤗 You may now view my profile for the full collage ☺️☺️
This piece features a set of stools/table which I find really iconic of the Neighbourhood ☺️ once again, all the photos are up on my FB, do check them out! Link in bio 🙃🙃
My Dakota Crescent album is up on Facebook! Link in bio do give it some love 💕💕 The last two sets of this collage will be up tomorrow evening @ 7pm & 8pm 👍🏻
Okay yes I am back I'll be posting the remaining 3 parts by tomorrow and all the images will be up on Facebook by tonight 🙂