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  Posted: May 13, 2012 1:20 AM FEED
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Eight years ago, the greatest bowl contest of all time was born #protecpoolparty

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Posted: Sep 23, 2012 6:29 PM
1 Amaro
Learning how to save lives when the Big One will hit. With LAFD
LAFD earthquake preparedness. Do you know what to do when the Big One will hit?
Posted: Jul 24, 2012 12:24 AM
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The reason I love to go to tbe LA library
Skateboarders post thrash pool sesh best friend.
Posted: Jun 24, 2012 5:30 PM
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Skateboarders best friends. Like ebony and ivory.
Posted: Jun 22, 2012 7:05 PM
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Vans Warped Tour at Pomona: are we there yet?
Just stupid.No wonder people don't know how to add. Ten will NEVER equals fifteen.
Heading toward my first skate contest in 30 years