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  Posted: May 13, 2012 12:39 AM FEED
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30 days and this little adventure family will be officially official ❤️photo cred @d_norks
Dc ➡️Dover all for dope haircuts and lemony kisses 😻🍋😘@d_norks
Lemon bringing the cuteness, Doj with the photobomb and me just being with my boos 😻☺️❤️
In just over a month this sweet, loving kind, funny, wonderful man will be all mine forever 😍😍
The worst idea we've had, learning to make pasta 2 months before our wedding 😹#allthenoodles
Kitties and puppies and plants oh my ☀️🌻🌱❤️😻🐶
This is an accurate representation of how each of us feels about wedding planning 😂😂