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frederikv 283w ago
Agent Smith
  • How can you make a phone call if you are unable to speak?

  • mathieuvm 283w ago

    "Surprised to see me?"

  • frederikv 283w ago

    @deked Yeah. Well, that sounds like a pretty good deal. But I think I may have a better one. How about, I give you the finger
    [He does] and you give me my phone call.

  • frederikv 283w ago

    @mathieuvm It seems that you've been living two lives. One life, you're Thomas A. Anderson, program writer for a respectable software company. You have a social security number, pay your taxes, and you... help your landlady carry out her garbage. The other life is lived in computers, where you go by the hacker alias "Neo" and are guilty of virtually every computer crime we have a law for. One of these lives has a future, and one of them does not.

  • lalygirl 283w ago


  • erriic.z 283w ago

    I like your pic👍👍

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