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Loved seeing these buddies. Not pictured: everyone else nailing the shot and being super present.
Finally re-did my senior portrait. 🌵
Had a sunrise photo shoot with my new band and the heaviest, sleepiest sunflowers of all time. 💛🌻💛
Happy birthday to the most handsome boy in the world. 👏CAN'T 👏 IMAGINE 👏 LIFE 👏WITH 👏OUT 👏 YOU 👏 @jordywordy 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Got some film back. Finally got my ass to Huntington Gardens and can't even believe this place is real. Also I'm now a member if anyone would like to attend w me and the other senior citizens of Pasadena. Page me. #35mm #olympusOM1 #🌵
Baz // New Orleans // Saturn Bar
💛 Happy belated birthday to this gem of a human. You're a true national treasure and the streets and stages of #NOLA will be lucky to have you. 💛
Another one for @uniquemarkets summer campaign featuring @sonjarasula's bomb ass nails and @jenisicecreams on what was legit the hottest day of the summer. 😛 Scooping by @jannagould
Recently had the pleasure of shooting 🔥@aniab 🔥 wearing @brightsideeyewear for @uniquemarkets summer campaign. You may even see her on some billboards if you're on the west side. Styling by @sonjarasula. Flora by LA. 🌻🙌
One Night p. 2 // Learning 2 edit while falling more n luv with @jordywordy #muse
One Night p. 1 // ❤️When forcing yourself to learn video editing it doesn't hurt to have the most handsome, talented boyfriend to swoon over for hours.❤️ #muse @jordywordy