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Happy 162 days of friendship! I’m glad you’re back in Louisiana for a few days💜💛
Hey everyone!!! Please take a moment to follow this link and vote for LSU Winterguard to win a new mat. It would lighten the financial burden and allow more girls the opportunity to perform with us. We were LMCGPC Independent A class champions and Pensacola Regional Finalists our first year. You must verify each email address you use. Share with your friends and families! Thank you and Geaux Tigers!💜💛
Happy Birthday, Snack!!! Thanks for being the best brother, twin, and best friend anyone could ever ask for! Love you and Geaux Tigers!💜💛
Happy Birthday to my bestie for the restie and Happy Game Day, Tigers!!!💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛
Because there's only two more days until Game Day and I'm kinda freaking out!!!!
Day 10: And that's a wrap on preseason! I had such a great week with my absolute best friend! Now time to get ready for my junior year!
Day 9: His shirt says it all! Today was Caturday (my favorite day). Scroll right to see an update on the wasp sting. It nearly doubled in size within an hour this morning. Shout out to my best friend for taking me to a walk in clinic. I got a steroid shot and I'm feeling much better!
Day 8: Today was a magical day! Happy Fantasia Friday! I also found out that I'm mildly allergic to wasps so that's pretty cool.