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Afternoon daydreams about far away beach towns... Or anywhere other than my office desk. Throwback to the time I hiked to waterfalls and ate lobster on the beach with @marissafuhrer 🏖☀️
Kicking off the weekend with a bit of color 🌈😊
Wrapping up a great weekend outdoors by practicing my Spiderman skills ☀️🏞🕷
Had a nice little date with Karl the Fog today ☁️🌁
When you vacation with your best friend, every silly moment is a photo op ✌🏼
Good coffee & good company.. the perfect recipe for great Sunday ☕️👌🏼
Happy place. ☀️🌊🎵☺️
Wednesday night jams at the Fillmore, courtesy of Joshua Radin, Rachael Yamagata and Brandon Jenner 🎸🎵🎤👌🏼
Well this view isn't half bad. Happy birthday, America! 🇺🇸🦅🎉
Always walking toward that light at the end of the seemingly dark tunnel ✨
Throwback to the time we roamed around the Mission and took pictures in front of strangers' garages. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Had a blast celebrating @cristalphan's big day with these beauties this past weekend 💍🥂
From ice cream, sunburns and 80 degrees last weekend to ski jacket, Karl the Fog and 50 degrees this weekend.
This sums up the past weekend perfectly ☀️🍦🍦😋☀️
"Take a sad song and make it better." It's a Beatles kind of Sunday 🎵
When the bride-to-be says "no strippers" and you have to get creative...Homemade male stripper cupcake toppers! Arts and crafts night was a lot different than I remember it as a kid.