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Never let em know tho. If they think u broke - let em believe it so they don’t beg. If they think u up - let em believe it so they can eat it up. If they ever disrespect tho.....make an example. #Authentic
✌🏾 see ya. Adios. Vaya con dios. Hasta la vista. Zàijiàn. Au revoir. Auf wiedersehen. Bye sha‼️
Who he think he is??? Who she think she is?? Maybe he KNOWS & she KNOWS that they're amazing embodiments of greatness. And when u know this about urself yeen gotta put on a facade when dealin wit ppl. U can be YOU. Fuck what "they" like or don't like. #Authentic
A dumpster is the receiver....go deep‼️
Some mornings I wake up & I don't wanna deal wit nobody - BUT - I'm driven to succeed even when I'm NOT motivated. My drive don't stop. I can't lose. I'm on the longest winning streak of my life. And my next bet is ALL-IN -- AGAIN‼️ #Authentic
Ya might need to read that again to make sure ya got it...... #Authentic
Just holla at me when u get here. First couple rounds on me‼️ @escobaratlanta - PLUS a special guest or two MIGHT slide thru to hear some EXCLUSIVE NEW bangers from Trouble. #MMB #DTE #Authentic
All the extra super fakin & sambo'n GOTSTA stop. #StopCoonin
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Just got a text from the plug that the tar's in


He know I'm outchea like Tarzan

He on that boy & a bar call him Tar Zan‼️ Spitta - Intro - Shottas II (@spitta_badnewz)
Say @eastlake_stacey this how Bron fans be soundin to me. 😂😂😂😂😂(what u say @troubledte6 ) -- S/O @kingkeraun u funny AF bro‼️