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so let go
my soul
and trust in him
the waves and wind
still know
his name
LONG ISLAND HUMANS: Ever wonder if there's more to life than the every day rise and grind? Come out to Grumman Studios at 7 pm THIS Friday night, and hear the life stories of people who set out in pursuit of radically changing, well... everything. If you want to know more, DM me for deets! PS it's totally free!
#Repost @meetthemovement
giving up my Saturdays in October to cover my clients' homecomings is not my favorite thing in the world, but on the bright side the sky is totally giving me heart eyes rn
I love adventuring with you. I hate leaving you. But. We're going to live in the same place again, one day. I promise.
Memphis is pretttttty cool, but it'd be a lot cooler if it weren't 90 degrees with 100% humidity...😅
forever smirking and drinking too much coffee ☕️
📷: @arielwicker
It's been over two years since we were roommates, and as much as I miss the every-day aspects of our friendship, the distance makes these visits ever the sweeter. Here's to forever picking up where we left off, and never stopping laughing together, crying together, and dancing like lunatics to Michael Bublé around your home—wherever "home" is.
Brie, wine, and When Harry Met Sally with my bestest friend and her other half—I'm in my happy place, y'all ❤️
Already having the best, life-giving day with this lady. It's always as if no time has passed... 👯❤️
happy happy birthday to my new sister / the true gummy queen, @amandamarano 💕 the world is a better place because of you and your kind heart, silliness, and sick rapping skills! so thankful you exist, and are now forever a Mercurio 😘 love you!!! #itsoctober3rd
the apple picking we did today was more like apple hunting bc dang were those trees picked clean 😅🍎
being honest with others is hard
being honest with yourself is even harder
forever searching
for true communion
not shallow connections
but being content in the waiting
treading water in the middle
(not the beginning, or the end)
is the hardest part
beyond excited to hang out and adventure with my mermaid next week! ONE WEEK MERMAID. ONE. WEEK.
I feel as though
I'm caught in this cycle
of waking up and
being ready
for the day to be over.
my mind spins in circles
as I sit in my cubicle
and my fingers
run madly over keys.
but by the time
the sun lowers in the sky
my legs catch up with my mind
spinning and pushing me
into the sunset
drenched in golden light
and every thought
banging around in my head
good or bad
like shallow puddles
in the hot sun
detail of an incredible painting that I, in the process of my jaw hanging open, forgot to check the name / artist of
@thebocknessm0nster help a sister out who painted this