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Now I have all the time to visit the city ⚡

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#inktober2017 day 11 ~ #dragonwitch has to be my sorceress Ninim, the High Elf with the powers of the White Dragon ~ #31witches #31witches2 #Inktober
#inktober2017 day 5 ~ totally 80s witch ~ well..she can be considered a witch for her psychic powers right? ~ by the way I'm working on my piece for an upcoming #StragerThings tribute exhibition organised by the amazing @mikamadden & Davide Veltri 💖 more info coming soon and a sneak preview is still on my ig stories from last night 😘
#31witches #31witches2 #Inktober #eleven #shesourfriendandshescrazy
#inktober2017 day 4 ~ #gemstone #witch ~ #31witches #31witches2 #Inktober ~ she's casting a spell on someone using her gemstone earrings as catalyst for her power ~
My first entry for #Inktober ~ 💙❄️I'm not sure if I can keep up with it this year. I'll try my best but I have also other works who has priority for one upcoming zine and one exhibition. Anyway I'll try to follow #31witches / #31witches2 prompts by @ochibrochi ~ this is day 1. Seasonal witch #inktober2017
I'm part of "Anatomia dell'adolescenza" a tribute exhibition to @davideltofo ~ it opened yesterday and it will stay on until the 8th of October as part of @trevisocomicbookfestival ~ one day I'll free myself from this curse that block me in London for all September ~ for now I can only be present with my humble tribute to a song that is really dear to me ~ thank you to @la_legione_degli_artisti for having me 💖 #tcbf2017
Working on a little something for an upcoming fanzine ⚔️