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  Posted: May 12, 2012 6:34 PM FEED
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Installed a new CB in a Pueblo truck stop parking lot with @rcamerong! 2 car #roadtrips are way better with a #CB. #classic #technology #swag #rare

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Peepin' the take on set for Gather Your Arrows, a short film I directed that will be launching this winter! Stayed tuned for the launch of our trailer and premiere schedule :) || 📸: @kileymac || #gya #gatheryourarrows #film #shortfilm #filmdirector
Feels pretty amazing to be home and (relatively) chillin for a few days. || a quick stroll in the backyard with the boys. || Expired Kodak 400 ❤️
When the lab frigs up your film scan but it's still dope || @krisclarkk and @twitch68 listening to quite possibly the world's longest rendition of the national anthem.
As many of you know, a couple weeks ago I directed my first short film that I co-wrote and co-produced with my brother from another mother @freshsqueeezed, and let me tell you, it was a week I will never forget. From cranes on chaseboats hangin in Emerald Bay under the Perseid meteor shower, to intense scenes on set in Valhalla and the museum of a set at Hellman Ehrman, finishing with a foot chase scene throughout the forest, filled with underground tunnels and fight scenes, I couldn't be happier and more stoked on what we created on those long four days. So grateful for all of my crew and cast, and the many people whom I called in alllll the favors of, I couldn't have made my vision a reality without you. From the bottom of my heart and soul, I am grateful, and I can't wait to share it all with the world. 📸: @tahoeslifejournal @dronepromotions
A lot of people complain about scooter kids inudating their skateparks, but I ain't seen too many do squat about changing that. I decided to put my time where my mouth is and help teach 10 groms how to skate. Today, we built our boards, learned the proper way to push and hold your skate, learned to turn and tictak, and even got a few ollies and hippy jumps. Stoked for the next couple mornings to get these kids set up with something that has brought me so much joy and solace over the years.
If you don't like something, take responsibility to change it. Amazing how much farther a little encouragement goes. #skateboardingisfun #grommets #convertscooterkids
14 days from today, this mafk and I start production on a film that was pulled from the very bottom of our guts; from years of turmoil, pain, sickness, sadness, and addiction, we've channeled our parallel journeys and used it to stoke the flames on a story that we feel will resonate deeply with many, but more than anything, resonate with ourselves. It's the story we feel called to tell, exactly how we want to tell it. I couldn't be any more excited to direct this film. || When life deals the punches, Gather Your Arrows and make some fuckin' art || @freshsqueeezed @caseylagos @jb4free #gatheryourarrows #GYA #makemoreart #filmaintdead
"It should be inserted here parenthetically that there's a school of mechanical thought which says I shouldn't be getting into a complex assembly I don't know anything about. I should have training or leave the job to a specialist. Thats a self-serving school of mechanical eliteness I'd like to see wiped out. You're at a disadvantage the first time around; it may cost you a little more because of parts you accidentally damage, and it will almost undoubtedly take a lot more time, but the next time around you're way ahead of the specialist. You, with gumption, have learned the assembly the hard way and you've a whole set of good feelings about it that he's unlikely to have." || Pirsig talking to me & @rcamerong0405 while cursing at poly control arm bushings || @codybenj capturing a quick #35mm #film shot || #e30 #bmw #buildraceparty #becauseracecar
You don't look out there for god, something in the sky, you look in you. - Alan Watts || Expired Kodak Gold 200 and a West Texas thunderstorm || #film #filmaintdead #expiredfilm #kodakgold #cloudscape
“Truckee … Dog Country; A destination not for the faint of soul. One must always know where their towel is when Sneaky Creatures run amuck; for on this evening, a celestial meeting beneath the house of the Black Steed was under way. Creatures gathered from the farthest reaches of the Laniakea Supercluster to participate in a performance, whose vibes were felt clear past the Extragalactic Symphonic Houses of Andromeda. Celebrated and broadcast to more than 100,000 galaxies throughout our multiverse, Earth’s own Sneaky Creatures rocked the Cosmos with their live performance of ‘Dirt Circus’, the title track off their latest album. Due to the broadcast constraints of 26-Dimensional Fractal-HD, and Sneaky Creatures’ uncanny ability to throw a great party, the band stuck around to record a second hit, ‘Ragamuffin’. It was said that Intergalactic President Rodrigo Darlithian was in attendance, under the cover of a lei, as to not stun the earthlings with his first ever visit to the system. It is unknown whether the Intergalactic President participated in the actual performance, and what ramifications this may have on Extragalactic Relations. “ – Front page excerpt from The Relative Times, Aug 2, 2016 || TBT to a show I directed / piece I wrote last year with @sneaky_creatures for @darkhorseafterhours || special thanks to my awesome crew @stompson916 @instaddanz @darkhorsetruckee #livemusic #musicvideo #creatures #director
"Quality … you know what it is, yet you don’t know what it is. But that’s self-contradictory. But some things are better than others, that is, they have more quality. But when you try to say what the quality is, apart from the things that have it, it all goes *poof!* There’s nothing to talk about. But if you can’t say what Quality is, how do you know what it is, or how do you know that it even exists? If no one knows what it is, then for all practical purposes it doesn’t exist at all. But for all practical purposes it really *does* exist. ... So round and round you go, spinning mental wheels and nowhere finding anyplace to get traction. What the hell is Quality? What *is* it?" || Robert Pirsig - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance #hawaii #aerialphotography #hi #quotes #pirsig
Mellow raffle come-up @codybenj!! || @russell_surfboards 50th anniversary party, #1 of 10 original replica triple stringer logs, and the hombre brings it home. || mission success #surfing #surf #russellsurfboards #logjammin
LAX got me feelin' like I'm captain of the Falcon || Ilford 125 / Orange filter #film #35mm #ilford #filmaintdead
Cuttin' 35mm with an ol pair of fiskars, listenin' to Alice Cooper on Vinyl || @_burrt tweakin' methods off the side of the freeway || Great day with @ajlawsonism @codybenj and @clullman a few months back! Love gettin' film developed a few months after 😊 #filmaintdead #film #kodak #100tmx #crackinopenacoldonewiththeboys #minolta