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User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: May 12, 2012 6:16 PM (UTC)

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User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: Sep 22, 2017 7:35 PM (UTC)
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For her second birthday, Piper got a baby sister!!! She'll thank me one day...maybe😹

Introducing my new baby, Penny! 🎀😻When she first arrived at the shelter, she got sick and almost didn't make it...All of her siblings were adopted by time she made a miraculous recovery and finally began gaining some weight. She had just barely been cleared for adoption the same day I walked into @nuzzlesandco and as soon as I laid eyes on her sweet little face, I knew it was meant to be💕

#Penny&Piper #littleloves #adoptdontshop #rescuebaby #sotiny #kitten #15weeks #blackcat #catmama #savethemALL #nokill🐾
User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: Nov 11, 2016 8:08 PM (UTC)

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I cannot believe my pretty baby is already a year old! Happy belated birthday, Piper😻💕 Being a cat mommy is no easy job, but Pipey makes it more than worthwhile. I wouldn't trade this little love for the world💗
Side note, I passionately believe every single animal deserves to be as adored as my baby is. In my opinion, an animal's life is just as valuable as yours and mine. Just wanted this post to double as a friendly reminder that our pets are family members, and nothing less.🐾
User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: Sep 26, 2016 5:16 AM (UTC)
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Happy happy birthday to this beautiful bestie of mine!🎉🎁🎈🎂 I'm so thankful we were in the same Study Abroad group so I got to meet her and that she still puts up with me😉 She's the most positive, supportive best friend EVER and I'd be lost without her! Love you always, Khrystalle 💕❤️😘💕
User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: Nov 30, 2015 9:55 PM (UTC)
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As I'm drowning in school work, I keep wishing I was traveling in Europe and carefree again. I'd much rather be on a hike in Iceland exploring and finding pretty little pink flowers beneath my feet🌸 #takemeback #wanderlust #byustudyabroad #senioritis
User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: Nov 18, 2015 9:41 PM (UTC)
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This gorgeous view is from the top of Eiffel Tower. It's crazy to think that I was just there taking this picture 5 months ago...It breaks my heart that such a tragedy could take place in one of the worlds most beloved cities.

Let's all keep Paris and its people in our prayers❤️ I also pray no more unnecessary suffering caused by horrific acts of violence & terrorism will occur anywhere else. I hope we will all try our best to love one another. #spreadlove #prayforparis #makelovenotwar✌🏻️🌻🇫🇷
User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: Nov 4, 2015 5:02 AM (UTC)
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Meet baby Piper😻 Nothing has ever brought me more happiness than this little love bug. I fell for her the moment I saw her, and I now can't imagine living without her...and all her snuggles and kitten kisses.☺️💕 #mamasgirl #cutiepie #9weeksold
User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: Oct 16, 2015 4:44 AM (UTC)
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Haaaaappy 22nd birthday to my gorgeous Gracie!!! So lucky to call suchh an amazing girl my best friend. No one can replace her, even though she lives across the planet from me! Can't wait to see you again, I had the best summer with you. Miss and love you tons, hope your birthday has been a blast😘☺️💕🎉🎂🎈ps. Im saving up to visit you #AustraliahereIcome #blondiebffs #blondesdoitbest
User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: Sep 19, 2015 10:04 PM (UTC)

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Thank you, Chile, for finally giving me my best friend back!!! Two years of being an awesome missionary, but now I'm so happy Natey's back in Poo-tah with me😊 #bffs #reunited #bouttime #returnmissionary #BYU
User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: Aug 15, 2015 12:11 AM (UTC)

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Happy travelers with some very pretty poppies we stumbled upon #missingit #andSarah😊 #BYUabroad #wanderlust #travel #takemeback
User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: Jun 16, 2015 11:55 PM (UTC)

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Milan, one day was not enough to enjoy you. I loved that I got to visit the "Fashion Capital of the World" and ended up in this beautiful park enclosed by Sforzesco Castle. I also had the best Italian food here out of all of the places we went in Italy😋 #travel #international #studyabroad #Italia #wanderlust #Milano #shopping #fashion #gorgeous #illbeback
User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: Jun 10, 2015 11:16 AM (UTC)

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On a day-trip to the most gorgeous beach town I have ever seen.😍 Luckily we became friends with a cute local girl on the way there who showed us all around the different sights and views--here are just two. I seriously have to go back one day. #beach #exploring #Italia #international #studyabroad #BYU #travel #wanderlust
User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: Jun 8, 2015 4:31 PM (UTC)

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Lizzie was right, Rome really is what dreams are made of!😉 I couldn't believe I got to explore ruins of the amazing places I have always learned about in history class. #LizzieMcGuire #whynot #Roma #theEternalCity #wanderlust #studyabroad #BYU #travel #international
User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: May 16, 2015 10:42 PM (UTC)
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First stop on my study abroad trip: Roma 🇮🇹💕⛲️ I've always dreamed of visiting Italy and I'm already in love #gorgeous #somanypictures #BYU
User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: Apr 21, 2015 8:27 PM (UTC)

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💗💙💛❤️💚💜 Even though the pink in my hair still won't completely wash out from the Festival of Colors a couple weeks ago, I had a blast with my girl👯 #before&after #blondes
User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: Apr 7, 2015 12:50 AM (UTC)

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Rest in Peace, babies 🐢💕🐢 I loved you dearly, thank you for all the joy you brought me and my baby brother in your short little turtle lives. I'm sorry I didn't bring you two to Utah with me and that my family sucks at taking care of pets.😔💔 #ducky&petrie #RIP #sadday
User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: Mar 29, 2015 8:06 PM (UTC)

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My cute little cacti are the happiest part of my apartment 😊🌵🌺🌞
User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: Feb 25, 2015 1:56 AM (UTC)

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User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: Dec 12, 2014 2:32 AM (UTC)

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Finally went to my first Caps game thanks to Daniel! Tough loss in OT but such a fun game😊❤️💙 #LetsGoCaps #birthdayeve
User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: Dec 6, 2014 10:27 PM (UTC)

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Luncheon at a #beautiful Moroccan restaurant last week✨
User Image am_ericaaa12 Posted: Nov 25, 2014 9:56 PM (UTC)

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Knitting and getting some work done from this spot. I'm content as can be☺️💕