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p90lexxx 283w ago
Shout out to the graduates! @the_real_noriega Maria @msdizon

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How do you see yourself? May not be there yet, but en route!
Keep fine tuning and keep learning!
Gooooooood Morning! Seize the day!
Your birthday came first...and ever since Luca was born, we prioritized his bday over yours 😕 but CHEERS 🍻🍸🍷 to you! Happy birthday 🎂 Boods! You were like soooooo one of my first friends being my cahhhsin n all
#top5top5 #original5 #hellacousinsnow
This shit right my lil big brother. From diapers to dunking...I've watched you grow and maaaan you grew! Continue on your path to a young man,you aint a lil boy no more. I'll sprinkle you with more and more game along the way. Love you to death kid. Happy born day my young G!
#15 #GianLuca
I'm an insomniac, in an insane asylum
On an island, dyin... Butterfly-shutter eyelids.
The quiet...can kill ya ear, no sounds to hear..
Confronted by D'Evils, POOF as they appear 😈
Where my angels?👼👼 Tangled? Maybe caught up in Charlotte's web?
I'm dead n I'm deadass.. 3 in the morning came too fast.
Tmrws now today, yesterdaze in da past.
#Afterhourbars #cantsleep #mylyrics
Happy Birthday 🎂 to my sister Shlee. There's only 2 Diamzon-Orrs on this planet, 1 & 2... We original! She turns 30 today yall...let's goooo Steph Curry! Let's get this win tonight.
Hell of a day yesterday. Beautiful ceremony and reception on a boat! Sunsets in San Francisco, can't beat that. Congratulations to you two @muyeng63 blessed to be apart of it all. #somewherebeyondDC #table10
🎼🎵"I'm just sittin' in the studio, tryna get to you baby"🎶🎧 #sf #280 #101
I'm picture perfect I stay sharper than shark week.

I move through the stills, from the darkness where I creep.

They call me Lexo, yeah dawg that's the name to know.

Hit my line anytime, I'm always available.

#SF #4bars
Thank you everyone for the warm birthday wishes and greetings! Also thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate with ya boy....i don't remember much as you can tell, but I think i had fun? Lol I'm hurting today.. Bless up ☝ stay blessed much love.
My peoples! I'm on a mission to help educate 1 million families by the year 2020. Knowledge is power! Come learn about dollaaas 💸💰 and concepts to help your financial situation. Its FREE! what can you lose? Its my job to give you a chance, but its on you to make the choice. Bless up 🙌👆👐