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Learning some new techniques @jeremycowart is a teaching wizard !

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C O F F E E ☕️the key ingredient (*ahem* life line) to juggling being a mama + running my own business.  This week I've teamed up with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business #CFIB and @Interac to support and celebrate something I'm really passionate about - Canadian small businesses! 🤗 Being a small biz owner myself, I love supporting other small companies like mine that make our communities unique (like my favourite coffee shop pictured above @ricoffeeco). I'd love for you all to join me in celebrating #SmallBizSaturday on October 21st and shop small! 💗
I've tagged a few of my favourite Canadian small businesses above - I'd love to know yours? Tag them below :) XO #ShopSmallBiz #FindYourSpot #Ad @shopsmallbiz_pensezpme
Happy Monday Loves! 💗 Finish this sentence.... "If I had to pick one word to describe Paris it would be ________" I'm torn between elegant & majestic 💗
Photo: "A French Affair" via our shop #Annawithloveshop #parisianlife #parisrooftops
It’s a venti kind of day...😴 (who else ate too much this weekend? 🙊#CanadianThanksgiving)
We are still getting settled and adjusted over here - looking forward to rolling out some new blog posts from our trip this week for you all 🤗💗 Happy Tuesday loves XO
Take a sip ☀️ Currently trying to pack the extra 40 pounds worth of honey, oregano, marmalade, mountain tea and other various items into our suitcases either bought or gifted from our entire family here for the entire family, extended family & their neighbours back home 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ (those of you who have family abroad can probably relate 🙊 #gottalovethem #mybigfatgreekfamily ) Over the years I've gotten pretty good at making it all fit somehow! 🙌🏼 In the is one of my favourite prints of my frappe μέτριο με γαλα! #ΑnnawithloveShop
We came to watch the sunset but ended up just watching J's hilarious reactions to all the birds flying (or "cows" as he says) ...parenthood huh? 😂🙏🏼 Writing this as I can hear Ko putting J to sleep in the other room and replaying this particular evening in my head. I love watching the world through his eyes and how every small little thing we've long ago stopped noticing or paying any mind to is suddenly the most incredible thing. I kid you not we get excited for pigeons now because of how he reacts 😂 I love that about kids, they keep you grounded and in awe of this world 💙
As our trip is coming to a close I’m looking forward to being back in one of my many ‘happy’ places – my desk! Working in a pretty space allows my creativity to flourish.  I’ve always loved expressing my creativity through my nail colours.  If you’ve been following along from the beginning you’ll remember my blue + pink ombre nails and my sparkly accent (ring finger) that graced the pages of my blog multiple times? As I’ve gotten older, my style and taste have changed and matured – though still colourful it’s definitely more subtle.
Inspiration can be found anywhere and often mine starts with my nail colour and looking down and seeing my painted nails.  Also, if you’re like me (where my fellow klutzes at?) and always chip your nails two seconds after painting them (is there anything more frustrating?!) I love that @sallyhansenca #BlackToBasics line gives up to 10 days of chip-resistant wear.  Now that I’ve been using and wearing the polishes for a few months (and during our vacay) I can say it’s actually true! Mama- AND Klutz-proof. The perfect combo! #sallyhansenca #ad #deskie
The view from my favourite cafe in Marmaras 💗 Toronto, please take notes....
“But Ma I rather rip off these pretty flowers than smile for a photo” lol Take a guess guys…real or fake? 🌸
I’m constantly in awe of how much I love this tiny human.  He’s grown up so much this month and is so much more mature and interactive.  Its been such a blessing being all together day in day out - I feel like we’ve all bonded as a family in a way we wouldn’t have been able to in the busy-ness back home.  Anyone who’s traveled with littles before knows it’s not easy (lots of ups, downs and oops we forgot xyz for the 10th time) but oh man is it worth it.  I love you my baby boy.  May you always seek new adventures! 💗🌎☀️ #momlife #AWLtravels #boymom
Trying to soak it all in while it lasts 💗 It was around this moment that I realized just how much I've missed traveling and discovering new places. 🌎🙏🏼☀️ #AWLtravels 📍Manis Inn, Naousa, Paros
Pink makes me happy 🌸🌺 This pretty corner was easily my favourite in Naoussa 💗 #Paros #AwlTravels #Awlingreece
I think what I love most about drone photography so far is how peaceful and beautiful the world looks form way up high. It’s calming, uncomplicated and pure magic 🙏🏼💙🐳☀️🌎 This is a shot from Kolymbithres in Naoussa, Paros
Update: We’re back in Thessaloniki after a fun week in Paros (we stayed in Naoussa). I didn’t make much time to upload, edit and post photos but will start sharing some of my favourites now :)
#AwlTravels #AwlInGreece #FromwhereIdrone
This Is Sparta! 💪🏼 A lot can change in two years including: motherhood, waist size and the level of your fatigue but seeing this guy sport this tee, his big smile and how much he loved all the fam brought more joy to my heart than ever! Swipe left to see the photo of me in the same spot from two years ago (I totally had to buy a larger shirt and when I tried on those jeans shorts they didn't get passed by thighs 😂🙌🏼🤷🏻‍♀️) #awlingreece #awltravels #messybunforlife #kidswhotravel
I love stumbling across pretty corners unexepectidely 🌻 I snapped these pretties while we were en route to Sparta from Athens.  It was in a little garden right across from a dingy gas station - before we left I double backed a bit because I thought they were so pretty against the blue blue sky and naturally I almost slipped down the ditch because I was wearing flip flops lol Ko was warning me from a few meters away as soon as he said “careful you’re going to fall” I slipped but recovered luckily lol 💁🏻 #dontmindifido
We’ve been talking a lot about making memories so far on this trip. Sharing vivid ones from our childhood, ones we hope to make with J. It’s kind of at the top of our priority list at the moment. One of my fondest memories as a child was watching my mother get dressed up for a night out. The smell of her perfume, her red lipstick (always a colour on nights out…hmm, wonder where I got that from!). The memory I look back and giggle at now is her quickly painting her nails at the kitchen table all dressed up right before she had to go. I’d always wonder why she waited till the last minute to paint her nails? Well, few weeks ago Ko and I had an outing and there I was, all dressed up ready to go, lipstick on, hair done and looked down at my nails and oops chipped nails - I had to quickly paint them! Haha how things have come full circle! Oh gosh, I’m becoming my mother! 💁🏻 I wonder what funny stories my kids will remember of me when they are grown.
By now you all know how much I love a good beauty hack and streamlining any beauty process wherever possible. Tell me if you can relate to this: imagine yourself painting your nails, you’ve got the base, the colour – wait – where is the darn top coat?! *cue* carefully-extended high-five hands searching the bin for the top coat and trying not to smudge the polish. Haha c’mon we’ve all been there! @sallyhansenca new #blacktobasics line in the Complete Salon Manicure collection answers all my streamlining nail needs. 💅🏼 A killer all-in-one polish: base coat, Keratin strength formula, growth treatment, salon color, top coat, chip resistance, and a gel shine finish all in one bottle. Now that’s what I’m talking about! This entire line is my go-to for such beautiful modern shades for busy mamas on the go! ;) XO #sallyhansenca #ad
Halkidiki - I fall more in love with you with every visit 💗👌🏼 We always talk about if we are ever lucky enough to get a place in Greece it would definitely be here. Not as obviously picturesque as the islands (Santorini is hard to beat) but it has some of the best beaches in Greece and feels like our home away from home 🙏🏼 Where would you all buy a second home? Comment below xo
The birds sure do get the best view of this beautiful world 🌎💗🙏🏼
We took the drone out for the first time last week while we were in Halkidiki (our favourite place in Greece btw) - again Ko urging me let’s give it a try - see me: meh okay sure *really wanting to go to the buffet for more custard tarts* - he handed me the controls and … well truthfully I totally sucked, I felt like I was 13 playing Nintendo 64 Mario Party with my brother and losing terribly - which way is up, down, forwards, back?! Ko yelled watch the tree! I almost smashed into it and he was drilling off instructions a mile a minute - buuut aside from all that, my gosh it was incredible! What a rush?! It was around this moment where I felt that familiar spark click (pardon the pun hehe) back into place. For the first time in a long time I truly felt inspired, giddy and excited to create. Thinking of making this one a free download??
Love to my Mr. for going out and buying le drone because he knew I wouldn’t even though I was talking about it but also because he knows me well enough to know it was the little nudge I totally needed to get inspired by. Also shoutout to our dear friend @nealjolly for getting Ko excited about which one to buy! <— also if you haven’t already checked out Neal videos go now because they are ah-ma-zing! 👌🏼
Hello again friends! The last 10 days have been just what my heart and head needed - for the first time since probably my honeymoon I’ve actually vacationed and it’s been such a welcomed (overdue) change of pace 🙏🏼💆🏻🙌🏼💗 .
Leading up to this trip I noticed I was craving a change, and a little reset. I wanted to slow down and take a break from everything and just to enjoy this season we’re in as family together.  For the first time ever, I felt like I needed to really unplug and get away from the next photo, the next post, the next blog, photoshoot, email, to-do list, silence all the digital noise and just live.  Its been a whirlwind of two years with not much “off” time.  I wanted this trip- or rather knew I needed it to be different. So..I did just that. .
It took a few days to slow my mind down and settle into a slower pace of living but once I did I felt a calm I hadn’t felt in ages.  I figured I’d feel refreshed once I took a step away and little break but wow I didn’t realize it would feel this different and new...I guess I really needed it?
Wanna know something? I almost didn’t bring all my camera gear with me. I actually didn’t want to (which for me was really strange) Ko was the one who urged me to.  Now after 10 days of not much I’m starting to get that familiar itch to grab my camera and dip my toes back into the digital world not because I have to but because I want to. .
Amazing what a few days of being “off” does? I’ll need to refer back to this post once I’m back to remind myself to take some “off” time unplugged from routines, deadlines and projects (because I won’t always be able to fly across the world and hang out in Greece for a month lol 😜) I guess this is my way of saying - if you’ve been craving some “off” time away from the digital noise don’t put it off and do it - even if just for one day - you won’t regret it! 😘
Okay enough rambling..back to my boys! Chat soon loves XO