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Clear sign I've been away too long for madams liking!
Dear "?", thanks for being my secret admirer! #pixilass
How me & the girls watch the rugby! #pixilass
Snot faced at home, but pretty tissues keep me smiling! #pixilass
I'm biased, but she's so pretty, I love this old dear so much!
Meet Bo. She was one of my very first childhood toys, which my mum still keeps on my bed, amongst others, to hit me in the nostalgic feels every time I go home to visit.
Meet Bristol's 6'Clock gin, I could swim in that glass!!! #pixilass
That's right human, you're trapped!!!!!
So, I was going to spend the whole day out & about today, but this old girl is too cute for me to leave.
She's been a bit distant with us all for the last few months & now she's all about the shnuggles, at 15 I reckon staying at home, curled up on the sofa to look at her with my soppy big doe eyes and giving her a bit of loving is good for both of us.
I'm allowed a day off from life! #pixilass
No human, stop working & pamper me!! #pixilass
I'm here to babysit your children, I will conquer this challenge! #pixilass