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  Posted: May 12, 2012 2:40 PM FEED
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Last time I'll put this on is today #retirement

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Got some culture with Picasso and saw some good doggos in #Bern
The rickety gondola up to the top was worth it #Switzerland #views
More terrible seats at @thekillers show tonight. Please excuse the poor quality of these photographs. cc: @tarch2ta #thekillers #thekillersmusic
"I haven't thought about you in five years." Just a bunch of Eagles being dudes. #cawcaw
Season three officially in the books. Gimme that all @hockey_east #FrozenFour in St. Paul next year.
Sometimes you get to play hockey at #Fenway with your brothers. Sometimes you wear a #GoPro. Sometimes at the same time.
On the last day, we had a fever, and the only prescription was more cowbell #Belpot
On day seven, I was thankful. Thanksgiving is the last holiday I had never missed at home because of work, so it was especially weird being at a Christmas market at Belfast City Hall by myself today. But it made me appreciate what I have back home - my family, friends, my health, my job and all you lovely people liking my silly pictures. Whoever you are, however I know you, I appreciate you. #Thanksgiving #belfastchristmasmarket
On day five, we learned how ineffective and pointless walls are, even when you believe in the exact same thing and call it a "Peace Wall". #Belfast #PeaceLine
On day four, we stood on top of a castle at the edge of the world. #cliffsofmoher
On day three, we went back to school and we read some really, really old books. #bookofkells #trinitycollege
On the second day, we went to church and drank beers 🍻
Dang, Dublin, you got some nice castles 👌🏻