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majedg 283w ago
why it's nice having mama home !!

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majedg 10w ago
So the powder got painted matte black this morning, hopefully wifey likes it when she gets home..?
majedg 11w ago
Something about the minimalistic look is just so appealing to my soul 🙌🏻 loving the fresh/simple feel of our new kitchen
majedg 13w ago
Appreciating the sweet messages on our new felt letter board 🙌🏻
majedg 14w ago
When your bff is a photographer that's opening the coolest shop -- follow @libraryokc @xjessimurrayx
majedg 15w ago
Newest addition to our growing 🌵family ((hopefully wifey likes it when she wakes up 😂)) // now just for some wall art
majedg 15w ago
It's surreal to be finishing up residency tomorrow!! Staring at my stethoscope this morning in clinic reminiscing the last 4 years of residency training between my first start in surgery out in California and now finishing internal medicine at OU. Thanks for my family and friends support along the way!!!
majedg 17w ago
We are almost all moved into this beauty!! @kacee.gharfeh and I are now basically obsessed with the #modernfarmhouse look
majedg 17w ago
Just got this baby in from @article!! It's so comfy, I highly recommend 👌🏻
majedg 17w ago
getting moved into our dream house this weekend!! @kacee.gharfeh we are so excited!!!
majedg 19w ago
Married this babe 1 month ago today -- it's already been such an amazing journey, ready for 1638364 more months @kacee.gharfeh