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George Carlin // “Now, there's one thing you might have noticed I don't complain about: politicians. Everybody complains about politicians. Everybody says they suck. Well, where do people think these politicians come from? They don't fall out of the sky. They don't pass through a membrane from another reality. They come from American parents and American families, American homes, American schools, American churches, American businesses and American universities, and they are elected by American citizens. This is the best we can do folks. This is what we have to offer. It's what our system produces: Garbage in, garbage out. If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you're going to get selfish, ignorant leaders. Term limits ain't going to do any good; you're just going to end up with a brand new bunch of selfish, ignorant Americans. So, maybe, maybe, maybe, it's not the politicians who suck. Maybe something else sucks around here...” #this
#METOO- Time for Change ... Don’t get me wrong now, i believe whole heartedly that EVERYONE should be held accountable for their actions. However in light of recent happenings, this seems fitting. Personally I’ve lost count of the amount of unsettling/uncomfortable/predatory/terrifying situations or discussions I have found myself in over the years. This occurrence is rife in all industries, countries & throughout all eras. I don’t know how the rest of the female race feel but I find myself unable to truly relax or feel 100% safe on a daily basis. I don’t think men really can understand how that must feel or what the lines really are. So let me make it black and white for you: My ass in my property, my lips are my property, my legs are my property, my body is my property... Any uninvited advances aren’t ok & please don’t try and tell me to “relax sweetheart”... Simply wait for your invite & if it doesn’t come, trust me it’s not a mistake. Sincerely NOT yours, Kirsty McAllister.