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BRIIICCCCKKKKKSQQQUUUUADDD. HAPPY #1017 to my best friend in the whole world. I love you so much! Have an amazing birthday. Get drunk, have sex, turn up, and twerk that big ol booty. 😜😜 @mzcaramelkizzez
When your brother cousin gets married to the girl of his dreams #congratulationsstevenandallison
Happy birthday to my future husband and other half. I love you soooo very much. I wish I could be in Zürich with you but we will definitely make up for lost time when you get back
My photographer is better than yours! We're in love with all of our gifts! @ashleighbing #ashleighbingbride #ashleighbingphotography. I just wish Elijah would've taken this photo because my photography skills are awful
Sunday was such a perfect day filled with love. I'm so happy I got to be a part of Renee's special day. Wishing you and Cedric all the best! #tyingzknot #hamptonwomendoitbetter
Wedding was absolutely perfect and she looked gorgeous! Congratulations @daebuggin!
Man crush. Couldn't wait until Monday. Thank you for choosing me to go on this journey with you.I love you. #MCE #ifwedontstopplayingimmabepregnantbeforesept92018 #blacklove
Happy nurses week to us! 13 years of friendship, lots of laughs, many nights of crying( more on my end), but we're here...saving lives and kicking ass while doing it. #nursesweek2017 #nursebae #cardiacnurse #imcunurse 🏩💉💩
When you find somebody In your new home state to do your hair!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 thanks @hiash_ilyyy !!!
Throw back to last weekend. Happiest moment of my life so far. #futuremrsmoore #fairytale