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Morning brews and morning views. Love these single brew packs from Mojo. This Ethiopia roast is bonkers. Maybe unwashed, uber light roast. Subtle sweetness and rich flavor. It’s like a breakfast treat and coffee in one. The view from my room is decent this trip. You’ll notice the golden Buda. That a neat temple in the middle of the neighborhood. We actually did a lot of filming and shooting with the @gtbmxfreestyle team on that black cause the views are darn wonderful. I’ll dig up that picture and show you all. #coffee #skyline #buzzedisbetter
Last night I had the best dinner of the trip so far. Great company, incredible Shanghainese food toasted with this golden elixir made for a great evening. They even had my favorite off menu Hunan dish I had while I was in Shanghai prepared for us, (Zī rán páigǔ) Spicy cumin ribs. They were off the charts. Two years ago was the first time I tried the dish and I hadn’t had it since. You have to love a dinner where laughs are shared at the expense of one another in love, the mood is expanded by nice beverage and you actually reduce a high amount of stress with a positive discussion of business that leads to some key phone calls to some big bosses. Over all I woke up this morning, head a little tingly haha, but extra excited for the model year to come. #food #drinks #friends #pma #scotch
Amazing fermented smell on day four of drying out the berries. This lead to a discussion on wines and beer. I asked if anyone was making coffee cherry wine and it turns out yes! Even has some caffeine buzz, which made it my favorite wine in theory, haha. He said some are using coffee for beers and then pause...wait thirty seconds! He ran in and came back out with two tall cans of what he described as a coffee amber ale type brew made by a local Taiwan brewer for the biggest coffee chain in the world, who ever that is. Haven’t tried the beer yet, but it’s in the fridge and I’ll probably give it a go later today...Tuesday. #coffee #taichung #taiwan #coffeeberries
Was happy to see some freshly harvested #Taiwan coffee cherries being set out to start the roasting process. It will take three weeks from this step to toasted, bagged and ready to sell. Mojo is already taking pre orders, but unfortunately wont be around to pick some up. This is some of my favorite coffee to bring home and it’s quite rare since it’s not exported as it’s cost prohibitive. I snacked on one of the berries and it was delicious! #coffee #mojocoffee #taichung
Sharon’s new rig has zero chill and all the thrill. Love it. #truckit #snorklelife
Got the wheels knocked out and tires mounted tubeless. Brakes are mostly buttoned up and a few parts to be swapped and shifter installed. Hoping to get some laps on her before the seasons over. Now to consider a nap before my 5a pickup. #gtdistortion @gtmtbdirtjump #nosleeptilltaichung
How do you relax the evening before a 4:30a wake up call to fly to Taiwan? I tear down a fresh set of 27.5 wheels and rebuild 26” wheels for the #gtdistortion #basementproject @stansnotubes #nosleeptilltaichung
First batch of #coldbrewcoffee done. 26 hour soak and the easiest filter process ever. Simply remove grounds canister from center and serve! Quick sip off the concentrate and man does it kick! #coffee #buzzedisbetter
The end of season is rapidly approaching making it hard to sit out this weekend. But in the name of self care and getting ready for a trip to Taiwan to officially kick off the 2019 model line. Very excited about that! This footage is from lasts weekends redeye flight straight into some laps at Creek. Made some adjustment to the tune on the new beast and she’s starting to feel really good. I can’t wait to get back out on her in a few weekends. #pma #selfcare #mtb #mtbdownhill #gtfury #gopro #goprohero4session
Testing the beverage glass I was gifted with #VAT69 Scotch. Not usually a sipper, but this is fantastic! #buzzedisbetter
Travel season is here and it’s time to sort through my International change pile. Over the years I’ve heard how difficult US currency is and it wasn’t till I was given the opportunity to go abroad that I learned first hand what they were on about. Second photo: Top row US change, middle Row Taiwan NT change, bottom row Euro change. What’s the big difference? They’ve been kind enough to label the amounts on their coins. #smileyface #currency #money #coins #euro #nt #usd
Easily six months ago I set out to convert this lever to actuate a dropper post on my Grade. I was told it was incredibly difficult and there would be a lot of grinding and modifying. Long story short, this lever has sat disassembled since then and in turn this bike has gone unused.
Today’s must do was get the lever out back together and Bike back in running order. It took a few hours but I pulled off some tricks and got everything back in working order. It doesn’t activate the dropper, but at least I saved a wildly expensive lever and my bike is back in working order. Over 30 years of fussing about with bike mechanics and I still get the biggest kick out of it. #bike #bensment #gtgrade #gorogue
I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since my birthday. Not too hard to believe, I’ve simply been going nonstop since then. Well today, I am finally able to take a breath to enjoy being home and check out these perfectly thoughtful gifts I was given by some perfectly thoughtful people. While on the road I was lucky enough to see friends I consider family and in that time away I realized how lucky I am to have some of the same here. I know I’m a pain in the ass y’all, but things are getting better and with that, so will I. Thank you.❤️ @sewhitty @dazooooo @narko #friendship #family