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Aberdeen Scottland is 1% Christian! The entire 1% (500 young ppl) were in this room tonight. Oh.....and 20 people got saved!

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These people are the epitome of PASSION and GRIT, and I'm honored to serve alongside them! Grateful For @kanekeatinge & @karlakeatinge for being a LEADER of leaders and a FRIEND to ALL. @benlittle thank you for every single sermon and side conversation you had. You left and indelible mark on all of us, including me personally. Your jump shot isn't bad either!! #OccupyAllStreets #BestIsAhead
The GUY IN FRONT OF ME is @realmikemiller. Yesterday, he planted the largest church in the history of eastern Canada. He's truly taking NEW ground & breaking OLD mindsets! Kinda cool.....however, what's way more impressive is how good of a dad, husband, father and friend he is. Every time I'm around him and his wife @nancemiller I walk away better. GUY ON MY RIGHT IS Victor. I met him at the gas station right before church. He came with me and ended up meeting Jesus yesterday for the first time. Amazing part was he told me "3 minutes before I met you I was thinking to myself how I need to go to church." Reminded me that God will supernaturally connect our paths with those in need if we keep our EYES OPEN TO OTHERS! Also, before I met Victor I invited 6 other people to church and they all said "NO!" But, the 7th person was worth the feeling of the first 6. 😉#WeAreNova #OccupyAllCanadianStreets
There is something called the THE DIRTY SHOULDER PRINCIPLE - "In a figurative sense, all great people have dirty shoulders. People of true greatness are always lifting others up and letting them stand tall on their own shoulders. They don’t care who gets the credit. They don’t mind if their own shoulders get dirty. They just want to lift others to a higher place." ......With that being said, @brianchouston may have the dirtiest shoulders ON THE PLANET! Thank you sir for sharing your life and leadership with us the last few days. @carllentz @lauralentz @joelhouston @estherhouston - it's an honor to follow you. @tolubadders - you ROCK!
Someone told me this week "The worst thing you can do is become FAMILIAR with that which is MIRACULOUS." This family is a miracle. This life is a miracle. This season is a miracle. My heart was full of gratitude earlier today in this moment, and I pray it stays full every moment moving forward!#OccupyAllStreets
This picture might not mean much to anyone, but to me, it means EVERYTHING! A few wknds a ago Nicole and I were traveling and our babysitter sent this to us. It's the kids taking her on what we call a "PAJAMA PRAYER WALK!" This is something we do a few times a week. What is it? Simply praying for different people and things while we walk around the neighborhood in our pajamas! Our kids have only done this with me or Nicole, but since we were gone, they asked the babysitter "do you wanna do it with us?" When she text this picture to us it made me emotional thinking about how WHAT WE LEAD THEM TO DO, THEY WILL ONE DAY LEAD OTHERS TO DO! Sobering responsibility parenting is! Humbles me daily. "I can't be a perfect parent, but I can be a praying parent!" Thnx for teaching me this @markbatterson


You are the plan
I am the plan
We are the plan
Someone once gave me premarital advice, ensuring a blessed relationship with two prerequisites: 1) Marry your best friend. 2) Make sure God is in it.
Grateful I listened, and even more grateful it was true. #SolidSaturday
Been praying God would use his life since he was in his momma' belly! Pretty cool to see him encouraging many with Bible verses in Canada a few weeks ago. #CanaanTheConqueror
I met Ed and his wife in New Jersey a few weeks ago. They were celebrating their 70 YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! They proceeded to tell me "we've been coming to church together since 1944!!!" #GOALS
My wife and I......the EARLY YEARS! She been hollering at me long time!
PRACTICING CHURCH!!! Zoe got saved AND brought a friend!! Next week.....OFFERING!!!! #OccupyAllLivingRooms #OccupyAllStreets
"Dadda......will you teach me to preach the Bible and cook?" -Canaan
Parenting is the greatest privilege in the world. I love him beyond description. #CanaanTheConqueror
To the WORLD you are just a MOTHER, but to your FAMILY you are the WORLD! @nicolecrews27 when we got married, I didn't think I could love you any more...then I watched you become a mom. You're stunning and our kids absolutely adore you!
"What makes our kids laugh? What makes them cry? What gets them upset? If we want to discover their destinies, we need to follow their trails of tears, their clenched fists and their smiles." -A Mentor
I spoke at my 98 YEAR OLD grandfathers funeral today. Just like my dad, he was a legendary basketball coach in the Midwest. This was a report he wrote in the 1960's about his boss!!! (Read carefully in both circles...grandpa is blue) Keep in mind what was happening during that ERA, and you realize how rare and EPIC this was. Although there were of his life lessons I'm walking away with is: FIGHT for what it RIGHT not what is NORMAL ....and just maybe, what was once abnormal will become normal! #Legend