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  • Looks like a beautiful day to be out! Lucky you! :)

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A special thanks to everyone I’ve learned from both good and bad.
#unlearnwhatyouhavelearned one of the biggest differences between ancient cultures vs colonialists is community over self. The ancients believed in their community where as the colonialist were all about consumption and conquering. Hopefully one day we will go full circle and create unity over division.
Our society is full of calcified pineal glands.... if you don’t know what this is please research the power you have from within. All the crap on the news is pure negative so you live in fear and look to our government for dependency. #pinealgland #dontbelivethehype
On a lighter note..... Do you squat with heavy weights but can’t do a proper body weight squat? #trainerlife #squatuniversity
If you want to ban guns because you think it’s part of the problem then I have no problem with that, that’s your opinion. BUT let’s look at the whole picture and finds the common ground with all of these terrorist. Part of the real problem is the pharmaceutical companies selling drugs legally but I see no on discussing this, I don’t see law makers rushing to fight against these drugs and companies. Just thinking out loud.
Since deep half is my game I got to learn some great moves from @jiu_tang in today’s seminar. Thanks coach @miltonbastosbjj and Jeff Glover #deephalfguardplayer #bjj #trainerslife
Ain't nothing wrong with resting but there's definitely something wrong for quitting. #word
Someone asked me what I'm learning or what I'm into at the moment. I'm relearning the English language from a different perspective then the english. I'm realizing that the words I'm using are oppressing me without even knowing it. Anyway here's an example and a break down in simple sentences. #wordscreateyourreality
#Repost @4biddenknowledge (@get_repost)
We are living in a #fractal #holographic #matrix. A fully immersed #hologram in a #HolographicUniverse. The edges of our universe are 2 dimensional plains that form a 3 dimensional #dodecahedron that is projecting the #holographic #fractals of which we are a part of and in which your #spirit is currently trapped in. Your spirit is outside of this #spacetime model and is being #broadcast in like a radio #frequency. None of us are actually here. This #3rdDimension matrix is a type of temporal #consciousness prison. #4biddenknowledge @coachbillycarson Full article
And this is why people are angry at boxing. Last nights fight was fixed for a bigger rematch. Conelo lost this fight and only won because he fought in Las Vegas and it was Mexican Independence Day. #Robbery #Drawmyass #corrupt #whyihatesports
Life is good. Thank you to all the great trainers and all the great clients who come to Functional Core Fitness. #trainerlife
21 years but not forgotten. I still listen to his music like it came out yesterday. #legendsneverdie
Sometimes you just have to stick your head out the window and let the air blow in your face. #protectiondog
Funny how certain phrases pop out when listening to music. #KRSONE