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  Posted: May 11, 2012 8:58 PM FEED
3 Nashville
Its that time of year again! #lake #boatrides

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GALS DAY with my fave gal pals!!! Got our nails done, had brunch, and of course hit up the good ol' shoppin' center. Love my fam 💕
Showed up at Tamp & Tap and it was closed so Starbucks it was! I love that Nashville + Belmont are treating you well, you deserve the world.
My favorite photo from our weekend trip to Nashville to celebrate our one year of being together. // #fuji400
I lock Joseph out of my car a lot for fun. But then he walks away acting like he is never coming back as a joke. Then he comes back. Do I unlock it? Of course I still have it locked. Better luck next time babe. // #fuji400
Haven't used my film camera in almost two years when I had to for a photo class, so I thought I should start using it again but for what I actually want to capture + remember, not just solely for assignments. Starting with one Joseph captured, of me. // #fuji400
Cool thing about switching colleges is all of the friendships made at each of them but getting to come together as one at the @cworks_conf. Love this MCA fam + UofM fam I have (just missing my Belmont fam, come to Creative Works next year yall!!!). #creativesaredangerous⚡️ #cwc17 #amurica
Can't believe @cworks_conf is over already! It couldn't last forever, tho? Such an inspiration-filled weekend I am so happy + SO grateful that I got to be a part of. Kickin' off senior year of college in all the right ways ✌🏼 #creativesaredangerous⚡️ #cwc17
Feeling overly grateful for the opportunity to be at @cworks_conf this year!!! LaRon, whoever you may be, I'm wearing a lanyard with your name on it because I was gifted with your ticket because you couldn't come man. Just running around having a second identity this weekend + embracing it ✌🏼 #cwc17 #creativesaredangerous⚡️
Being tourists today in the city I live in with the best people to be around.
Happy 22nd Birthday!!! I'm so happy I got to celebrate YOU in person today. Best. Day. Ever. Don't ever go back to Nashville.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mama! You are the most beautiful person in the entire world + I'm so happy you were born. I would be so lost without you. I'm only me when I'm with you. I love you! 💕🎊🎈
Scored the most perfect seats than we paid for because someone didn't want their tickets as we were walking in! Also.... I didn't know @chrisstapleton was such a beast on guitar. I am blown away you guys.
If you don't let your dog kiss your face are you even a dog lover