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They're live along with some other goodies, check em out! (Link in bio)
They're on OUR turf. I'm sickened. #acallforblood #3percent stand up, unite. 🇺🇸
Tearing Mexico a new one. I like donuts in all forms. 🍩🍩🍩
#gimmeit 🎥@mckenzierin
It's been 2 years since Dr Jeswani cut me open and worked magic on my spine. I'm still so amazed every single day how incredible it is to live without pain. There are days where I get lazy and start taking it for granted, but I constantly remind myself and remember how miserable it was to basically be a cripple. Those memories are what drive me. If you're in pain, find a solution and WORK. Destroy yourself, never give up, never give in, come back smarter, faster, and stronger. #defiant #L5S1 #TLIF #couplemoremonths