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At least I was good to you
setfyee 74w ago
Spoke to big homie he told keep gettin this chiccen
setfyee 77w ago
Smoke so many Ls it's only right we pull out the cool Js #FamilyFirst #LoveNLoyalty
setfyee 92w ago
Thank god I'm alive 🙏🏽 gotta watch out for how people drive these days y'all #GODISGOOD
setfyee 97w ago
Go chec out dat NEW NEW from my partna dem str8 🔥🔥🔥🔥‼️‼️‼️ @goodluck_fortune @goodluckbonez chec out soundcloud
setfyee 102w ago
Goodlucc nigga we headed to the gusto you can keep ya change cuz yous a Custo
setfyee 105w ago
Runnin thru the canyon wit my woes
setfyee 109w ago
When I get my bottles they all glow i treated myself been a good week $$$