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Nebraska: Day after day of 100+ degree weather. We cycled on highway 30 for hundreds of miles. Nothing but flat tires, stinky cattle trucks that sometimes sprayed you with poop when they passed, and corn fields with the pesticide filled sprinklers that watered them....Which I ran into to cool down before I realized that. And see that tiny white building in the distance? Any guesses on how many miles away it is? 4.5 miles? 7.2 miles? We guessed every time we could see one. This day the peak temperature was (at least) 104. For most of the team, it was the most miserable day on 4K because it was so hot. Also because we had just gotten back from our rest day road trip to Colorado and were running on maybe 2 hours of sleep. But for me and this group, Dos Starros, it was the most memorable. We sang songs and did choreographed dances on our bikes all day. We even did group screams and Leedles to stay awake. We took pictures and videos, got coffee donations, hugged giant ice cream cones, and played odds. Literally for miles. This just goes to show that no matter how terrible your situation is, you can rise above it and make it better. Even if people around you are not having the greatest day, it doesn’t have to impact you. Dos Starros captures the essence of 4K. Hard days for some, but overall it was a blast. Love you guys, thanks for one of the best days on 4K! || #cycling #nebraska #trekbikes #ulmancancerfund #4kforever #4kforcancer #highway30
#cornfordays #cycleinspireunite
Remember that one time we cycled across America? A 4K alumni sent us a letter that said, “Don’t let the deserts of Washington get you down.” And I remember in that moment, I thought “What desert?” I didn’t even know it existed until we were in it. America is a beautiful place, and 4K instilled in me a desire to explore it all and take in all the beauty it has to offer. It gave an appreciation for farming, and agriculture, and ecology. Cycling through different biomes and seeing how the plants and animals change was one of the most incredible parts of the trip for me. I notice small details like the types of wheat that’s growing along the side of the road, or how the wildflowers change depending on which state we were in. Being in the arid desert where it was too hot and barren for green things to grow was sad, and being surrounded by forest fires once we got closer to the west coast broke my heart. But that experience changed me. I’m incredibly grateful that I got to behold such beautiful things this summer, because now that I’m home, I just notice more and appreciate everything; from the biggest tree or field all the way down to the smallest flowers that lay nestled in lush grasses. Cycle America, learn that beauty can take on a thousand different forms, appreciate things that may go unnoticed to most, and train other people’s eyes to pick out the tiny breathtaking flora around them. A few people have told me that they have a newfound appreciation for nature now because of me, and that made my heart full because once you notice beauty like that, you always have a reason to feel joy. || #personal #desert #cycling #4kforcancer #4kalumni #trek #agriculture #farming #ecology #flora #bontanical #bontrager
appreciation post for my favorite boy because he's doing a century ride today for MS. proud of you, thomas! || #cycling #bikems2017 #montana #4kalumni #4kforcancer #ulmancancerfund #trekbikes #bontrager #dadlife
"and the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." philippians 4:13 || we don't always get to know the why. we don't get to have our questions answered. but we do get to give our hurts to the lord because he cares so deeply for us, and doesn't want us to grieve. so keep giving it to him. keep praying. and just dive head first into the peacefulness of his presence. || #vscocam #troutcreek #montana #4kforcancer #cycling #fishing #4kalumni #ulmancancerfund #peaceful #lakeview #personal
"...and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing." 1 Corinthians 13:2 || #vscocam #tetonpass #thegrandtetons #tetons #wildflowers #jacksonhole #jacksonwy #wyoming #cycling #4kalumni #4kforcancer #ulmancancerfund
be the version of yourself that you are when you're in the wilderness. if you lose sight of who that person is, get back to that place that renews your soul and fills your heart with joy. and then stay in that place- or, take as much time there as you need. and if you do come back, don't do it until you find yourself again. if the mountains are calling, you MUST go. || #cycling #4kalumni #4kforever #ulmancancerfund #4kok #gillette #wyoming #4kforcancer
My prodigal daughter Lane, aka the best bike in the world, arrived home today after another cross country adventure. She's a tad broken, so once she gets fixed, we'll be back at it. Hopefully just long enough to enjoy the east coast for the fall, and then we can head west again. Here's to our next adventure together. ☺️ || #huningtonbeach #california #westcoast #sunset #palmtrees #makingmoves #MoMoney #MoMentum #4kalumni #4kok #vscocam #cycling
beautiful weekend with beautiful people. my fav quote from tom, "when i die i wanna be cremated and put into maracas, that way nobody can have a fiesta without me." 💃🏻 with you people, it's always a party and i love you so much. || #4kalumni #4kfriends #4kforever #seaislecity #vscocam #afterlight #kindredspirits
Supporting the fighters. Admiring the survivors. Honoring the taken. || Thankful for team bonding over random shipping container advertisements on Highway 30 in the middle of nowhere Nebraska. I love you ladies and I'm so proud of all of you. Can you believe we biked across America??? East is East! || #4kok #4kalumni #nebraska #highway30 #cycling #breastcancer #cancersucks #boobs
life can only get better from here. i've never felt so down, yet so hopeful all at once. maybe 4K taught me how temporary struggle can lead to insurmountable beauty. it was the adventure that has set into play my next adventure, and the adventure after that, and so on. the pauses in between shouldn't be scary. just peaceful. a time for a shifting- a change. a time of preparation. i can't wait to see where i end up next. this used to terrify me, but now, i couldn't be more excited. 🌿 || #personal #travel #4kalumni #flying #sunset
When it's 115 degrees outside and you decide to go to the desert. Joshua Tree did not disappoint! || #joshuatree #vscocam #optoutside #hiking #4kalumni #california #nationalpark
sometimes all your special things get stolen and sometimes you feel like you have to start completely over. my heart feels quite empty, as if it's been cleared out without my permission. even though i don't have any physical reminders from my 4K this summer or from my road trip or any of my favorite personal belongings anymore, the memories that they held will always be in my heart. i didn't realize how upset i was until i went to buy a new journal and a new pen today. it used to be one of my favorite things, and all the sudden, it was very overwhelming and sad. || #robbery #crime #sanfrancisco #broken #smashandgrab