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  Posted: May 11, 2012 2:58 PM FEED
166 X-Pro II
Everything is coming up....

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Got what I came for! In and out of London in a flash... thanks @veuveclicquot for another sparkling memory ✨ Swinging fringe suit by @cinqasept ❤️
Champagne secrets... From last night's @veuveclicquot #widowseries in London hosted by @crstudio with installations based around the 7 deadly sins including a hall of arms that would grab at you (greed) and a fully covered red latex woman in a red latex room (lust)! It was insane! You can still see the 7 sins in my Instagram story from last night ✨
I came to France to fulfill a dream but I had no idea it would have lead me to dreaming here... @veuveclicquot's L’Hôtel du Marc
The entrance into the world of @veuveclicquot at their private mansion in Reims where they host special guests, a tradition kept alive here since the beginning of this historic champagne house. The ombré staircase really just takes your breath away when you open the doors into this sparkling dream. ✨🍾🥂
Artifacts of a day spent with @willcottonnyc at his artist studio in a seaside chateau on the French Rivera. He would draw, I would take photographs, he would make polaroids and I would play in them. At one point, lying there in the afternoon light with the sounds of the palm tree swaying in the wind, in a view of life framed by old French shutters, to an endless sparkling blue sea, I felt as if I was living inside a Matisse painting, but the woman looking out was, for once, me.
Do you sleep more sweetly in a house made of pink? One that smells like the wishes of waxy candle smoke vanishing in the air? I admired her decorated frame from the gate, the way a child looks upon pastries trapped behind glass. When the sun set, I watched the pastel colors slip along the horizon of the sea from her frosted terrace and wondered if it would all wash away from the first drop of rain.
The north light art studio of Henry Clews on the shoes of the Mediterranean at Château de la Napoule
I want adventure in the great wide somewhere...
Photographer + subject at the gallery opening of "Warrior Games" this past week in London. I was honored to be the guest of one of my favorite beauty companies @chantecaille, a sponsor of this exhibition, who creates lines of beauty products dedicated to nature conservation. This evening was about Lion Guardians, photographed by @hijack to share the story of how Maasai warriors transformed from lion killers to Lion Guardians. All the proceeds from the exhibition go to the conservation of lions in East Africa so future generations can continue to live in harmony and admire these incredible kings. Scroll right to see images from the evening's event at London's @halcyongallery and dinner following.
October landscape out my train window somewhere along the path to Provence...
Exploring the new @officine_universelle_buly shop in the Marais to stock up on my favorite French beauty products (see in stories!) and see the flower shop and cafe inside. I do think the original location is more beautiful but I love seeing the drying flowers inside and across the street is my favorite Paris taco shop so the practicality is 👌🏻✨
Paris was everything and nothing. So much that I loved that didn't belong to me. So many lives I watched as they went about their day, living what I can only dream. I wanted to be one of them but somehow, I felt an imposter...